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Pip & Ruby, February 2012

Pip & Ruby, February 2012

I put many many hours into the show this past week, in the hopes that we won’t be up all night Monday night finishing Tuesday’s show. We’ve packed in quite a few interviews in the last few weeks, so most of the time was spent editing.

I also took Pip to the vet today. She had been sneezing so much for several days that we were worried something more than a cold was bothering her. She came home with an antibiotic, orders for a small amount of fluids and B12 (which we’ll do ourselves), and a wait and see.

Alas, I made no time for yoga or gym today, even though I could have really used it.

Took a long bath tonight with coconut oil and Epson salt. Watched a House. And a Who Do You Think You Are? Tried to check out, to turn off, to tune out, to detach, to shut down.

Tomorrow, a veggie friend is coming in to town. We’re going to get an interview and then probably hit Broken Top Bottle Shop for the good vegan options, then hang out a bit.

Small things to look forward to. Day by day.


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