Bad yogatude


I just finished up several hours of consulting work. I would have rather done it during the week, but it was the kind of thing that needed to be done after hours, when nobody was accessing the system. Fortunately, all went as planned. While waiting for things to download and/or install, I was able to do a little news research for the next show too. All while hanging out with my step-son and the hub as they watched some Netflix.

I’m beginning to realize just how sore I am from yoga today. I’ve been going to the fitness center frequently, but not regularly, if that makes any sense. The yoga classes are not really in a convenient schedule – there is generally one every day around 9:15, for instance, but the type of class can vary from relaxation yoga to power vinyasa, and the teachers vary too. It’s hard to get into any type of M-W-F or T-Th schedule there. I can’t imagine why they do it like that.

So today, I thought I was going to a vinyasa class with a teacher that I like and have had a couple of times, but there was a sub. And I was tired and struggling through the entire class. Do you every have a teacher who wants you to hold every pose forever and you feel like they’ll never move on to the next thing? I can understand in a restorative or relaxation class, but in a vinyasa class I expect to well, keep moving. But honestly, we did move a lot, we just held the poses long in between. Some days I just have a bad yoga attitude. And I think my body is tired, because she worked us hard.

It’s good that I went to yoga today, for a number of reasons:  One being that tomorrow I can sleep in.

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