Lazy gardening in Central Oregon


Lazy gardening:

Yesterday, I finally got the kids to help me weed the rest of the raised garden bed, which is really just a long dirt mound with ill-defined borders. (We did most of the weeding two weeks ago.) And we planted the dozen little kale starts that I bought the other day, and some kale seeds of different varieties. Judging from two years ago, kale will grow well here, and will grow far into Fall.

If it seems really late to you to start planting things in the garden, please note: this is Central Oregon. The tomato plant I bought the same day as the starts has already bit it—there was an unexpected (to me) freeze about the second night after I planted it. Poor thing, what a waste.

So, without a green-house or those little dome thingies, there’s not really much of a way to get anything in the ground early around here. I could have done starts in the house. But things were too crazy, or so I tell myself. One year, I did a ton of starts. And most of them outgrew their containers and died before I could get them in the ground—because I had to wait too long for the weather to warm up.

I have a bunch of other seeds to plant and need to get them in this week. Then we’ll have some late summer / early fall veggies at least. And the strawberries, oregano, and a few stalks of garlic are growing themselves.

Sigh. I so do not have a green thumb, can you tell?

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  1. I feel for you. It’s June 10th and last week I lost 3 tomato plants and 12 pepper plants in my raised garden bed, facing south, while covered with a row cover….of course, I was truly risking it all. And these were all from seeds started in my small greenhouse that my husband built for me 2 yr ago. So, I went to Home Depot, purchased all Bonnie tomato plants, and today I planted them in containers. They were hardened off when I bought them, so transplanting them caused no shock for which I am grateful. We just wheeled them into the garage for the night. It’s back breaking, so I hope I can afford a hand truck next month. I do have cool vegetables in one raised bed that are doing so well. I planted radishes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, turnips, beets, bok choy and lettuce and bunch onions. I planted jalapeno, calif peppers and pasilla pepper seeds again today in my greenhouse. I am not about to lose these again, so I will most likely try containers with these, too. I don’t like to lose, but I certainly will not give up. Thanks for your article.

  2. Great idea to do containers that you can wheel in and out. Maybe I could get started a little earlier, if I did some of that! I’d like to get some peppers in – a couple of years ago I grew a pepper plant that did well here where it’s hot and dry. Hang in there, Sharon.