Naps naps naps {and a TrapFree Oregon meeting}


I’ve been feeling a bit down these last few days. Tired tired tired. Naps naps naps.

I wasn’t really up to the TrapFree Oregon meeting tonight, because I thought it might make me sad. All those stories of people’s animals and wildlife  being maimed and killed. I mean, I’m immersed in bad animal news almost every day because of research for the show.

But I’m glad I went. So many impassioned people, working so hard. And I got through the stories. Learned a few new things, met a few new people. Spoke up, asked questions that were on many people’s minds—I’m not so shy about that anymore. Even when I don’t feel like being in the spotlight, I can’t help questioning. I don’t know where it comes from. Sometimes I hear myself and I’m like, “What did you just say? That sounded like you really knew what you were talking about. Faker.” But like it or not, people do listen. I had an attorney come up to me after and say I raised some very pertinent points about the language in the mission statement, and in turn, the language that might be used in the initiative. We all want it to be successful, to not leave any loopholes. But I’m not in the trenches actually having researched the language in the initiatives in other states like Washington that have actually passed. And others are. So we wait and see what they come up with and help review the initial language, and test hypothetical scenarios. So depressing that it’s such a long process: we have to start now to be able to vote on it in 2014.

So that was my evening. Was good to come home to the family a little bit before everyone went to bed.

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