It’s almost Farmer’s Market time in Central Oregon


Looong day of online InfoPath training and 4 more days to go. But hopefully very worth it. Time to wind down and not stay up too late, since I’ll need to get up at the crack of dawn again.

I just realized that the Farmer’s Market here in Bend opens on June 6. That’s a week from Wednesday! And since pretty much all I’ve managed to plant so far is lots of kale… Did you know that many Farmer’s Markets allow you to spend SNAP benefits?—What a great idea!

Unless some miracle occurs soon, I’m not signing up for a ½ CSA share this year. I’ve only been able to afford it one year (last). It’s hard coming up with that $300-350 at once, even though that’s small change when you consider how much we spend on groceries, and considering that you get a basket every week all summer into fall. Hmm, I wonder if anybody still has anything available? Most of the valley CSA’s will have been full since spring. There may be a chance of going with a local one. Although if we go extremely local we get started a little later than the rest (because of our short growing season here in the high desert) and we get less variety (less berries, etc.) I liked the local CSA we did last year—until they started buying animals to raise for meat and talking more and more about it and pretty soon every newsletter was, “look at these cute pigs we’re growing to eat,” and buy our “natural” beef… It really started to bum me out. And I don’t want to support somebody with my dollars that is going in that direction, no matter how much I like them. It’s too bad. There’s a newer one closer to Bend that does mostly veggies and is not yet certified organic, but I think they’re working on it. Maybe they’ll still have room.

Regardless, you’ll find me most Wednesday afternoons this summer at our downtown market. Since that’s early release day for the kids, it will probably revolve around getting them and then getting veggies. Good exposure for them, for sure.

2 responses

  1. You make a good point about the upfront cost of a CSA. I wonder if anyone ever tried a loan program?

  2. I’ve found that some farms are willing to take payments, and some are even willing to take SNAP (food stamp) payments or installments, if they’re set up to do so (our local farmer’s market now accepts these payments, which I think is making it easier for the farmers). I’m finding it doesn’t hurt to ask!