A new week


It should have been a good, mellow weekend, but I felt anxious and a little under the weather all day today for some reason. It may have something to do with the weather—it’s felt like imminent thunderstorms all day, and I can feel that pressure in my ears.

I didn’t get the editing or gardening done that I intended to: I ended up researching some CSA options this afternoon instead. I did find one long-established farm in Bend that is not raising animals for food—they are, however, raising chickens that they plan to use for eggs. Surprisingly, they are also starting to use more vegan fertilizers, replacing the fish waste ones they had been using over the last 20 years. So they might be my choice for next year—unfortunately (but not surprisingly) their CSA is full this year.

I did get some housework caught up, bread dough made and a couple of loaves baked, got to the store for a few staples to start the week, and had time to hang out with the kids when they got back from their mom’s—so it wasn’t all bad.

And tomorrow’s a new week! 

The next few weeks will be busy: The twins have an end-of-the-year coast trip this week Wednesday through Friday, and then next Tuesday is the last day of school for everyone. I knew it was coming, but it also snuck up on me. I definitely need to figure out a summer schedule for myself (and the kids).

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