Late nights and good CSA news


Good news: My favorite farm stand at the farmer’s market has a CSA share available for me this year! And they don’t raise animals to sell for food (although, unfortunately, they do raise a few animals for food on their own farm, for their “family and crew.”) And they take the share in two payments—now and in August, which allows me to get a full-sized share instead of splitting one with a friend. Believe me, with 5 vegans in the house, we’ll eat all of it. I really need to start a compost this summer too, for the small scraps or accidental waste, which I can then use on my own raised beds. {I read about an interesting method yesterday, of layering veggie scraps and straw right on the beds, skipping the compost step. That would be interesting to try. Now, where can I buy cheap straw? It’s supposed to keep the weeds down at any rate.}

So pros: certified organic, great variety, good deal, great payment options, no animals sold for food and thus no meat CSAs constantly being advertised. Cons: shipped over from valley so less local, they still raise animals for food (if only for themselves).

Next year, I’ll try to start researching my options earlier and may be able to go with the super-local, non-animal-raising farm.

Now, I’m off to bed already. I was up in the middle of the night last night with a sick kid, but got to sleep in, so my sleep schedule is wacked. And earlier in the day I optimistically agreed to a 7 a.m. dentist appointment for my step-son, thinking it was great that he could get his chipped tooth looked at before school, and before he leaves on his school trip Wednesday. I don’t know what I was thinking. Seriously. 7 a.m.


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