low-key, mellow, sick, fresh, cold


Low-key day. Still not feeling that hot. Currently drinking ginger tea with a pinch of cayenne.

Mellow evening: step-daughter #1 spent the night at a friend’s {after finding out she got into Jazz Choir for next year. Woot!}. The twins’ bus had a breakdown on the way back from their 3-day coast trip, so they were delayed an hour or so and by the time they got home it was past 9:30 p. Girl-twin was sick and seemingly feverish, boy-twin was disheveled but bright-eyed. Both were eager to tell us stories, but we convinced them they could wait until tomorrow and sent them to bed right away.

I’ve been enjoying eating fresh fruits and veggies this week. I’d kind of fallen into a rut of not buying a lot of produce lately, except a bit of kale or salad greens here or there. But since Wednesday we’ve had salad a few days in a row, sampled steamed artichokes, and munched on strawberries. Feels good.

Because it’s really cold right now {typical early June for Central Oregon}, I made our signature dish in the cast iron dutch oven. Today’s variation: red potatoes, red onions, carrots, yams, garlic whistles chopped into small bits, field roast sausages, splash of red wine, salt, pepper. Perfect day for it.

Played Magic online with the hubs tonight. Not sure I like it better than the actual cards. We’ll see. I’m rusty all around.

Bummed that we have a sick kid. The entire family was planning on joining the horse rescue field trip at 11 a.m. tomorrow. But now hubby may very well have to stay home with girl-twin. Fortunately, the rescue is not too far from here, so we can take them both another day.


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