Meditative, dirty, and just what I needed


It finally warmed up a bit today. And I took advantage of it by spending a few hours planting some carrot, pea, and bean seeds, weeding as I went. I wish I had planted them a month ago, but the weather has been uninspiring, to say the least. Hopefully we’ll get some harvest by September before it starts freezing again. I can still fill in with some starts as I find them. Most of the kale starts are hanging in there—they’re hardy—except I can see that somebody munched on a few (probably the lone young male deer that’s been hanging around lately). Many of the kale seeds have germinated as well. We’re probably going to have more kale than we know what to do with at some point.

I also assisted my step-son in clearing a weed pile from the middle of the front lawn {adjacent to the veggie beds} so he could mow the lawn weeds. We started a good compost / weed pile at the end of the raised beds, with the aim of killing more grass and eventually extending the beds into that area. I also finally gave in and turned the sprinklers on and tested them: They’ve survived another winter. I don’t feel like we can afford to water the lawns right now, so I’ll can keep it to a minimum and concentrate needed water on the veggie beds.

Planting and weeding today was meditative, dirty, and just what I needed. I also did quite a bit of leisure reading this weekend, which I haven’t made a lot of time for lately, so that felt good. I didn’t get to constructing the worm bin, but I did start collecting veggie scraps. I’m waiting to hear back on purchasing some local worms (I have worms in the raised beds, but not enough to borrow for the compost). Late this evening, I spent a few hours editing our news for the next show. Tomorrow will be crunch day for that, as we have a show coming out Tuesday.

This will be a busy week: Some consulting work, last day of school for the kids is Wednesday, and I have several lunches and user group events on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also juggling summer kid plans and trying to figure out driver’s ed / insurance for the about to be 16-year-old. Yikes.

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