Worm bin, sans worms

Worm Compost Bin

Worm Compost Bin

The worm bin, sans worms. We followed these directions. I must admit, it took us a little longer than 3 minutes, even without a beer in one hand. Mainly, because hubby drilled about a zillion air holes for the worms. We decided to keep the bin in the garage for now, as we don’t have a good outdoor location that would be mainly out of the sun. It may need to be relocated or insulated in some way for the winter, though.

Also, our bin is a bit larger than the one in the example {approx 32″ x 16″ wide x 24″ deep}. I chose a plastic tote with a nice hinged lid that we were using for old toys. Rather than use a second bin, we’ve used the tray from a large unused dog crate to catch any drippings underneath—we’ll see how well that works. {I’ve already accidentally broken a corner of the tray, which is annoying, since it goes with a very expensive extra-large greyhound sized dog crate that we were storing in the garage, but will need again someday.} We do have another same-sized bin that we could use underneath later on.

The kids and I cleaned out some of the garage today too, and did some paper shredding. So we have almost too many shreds, but also a week’s worth of veggie trimmings in there as well as some other odds and ends like cardboard, dryer lint, etc.

I’m hoping to pick up some worms this week so they can start munching!

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