Mellow birthday


Mellow birthday ~

Slept in. Read a clever Matthew Hughes story about thieves and wizards from Fantasy & SciFi Mag, a disturbing Robert Reed sci-fi story from the Robots anthology, an enjoyable short story by Lucia Perillo (hey, I can give a different short story genre a chance), and then half of Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, by Rosecrans Baldwin. That one had me laughing out loud many times, a welcome diversion. Maybe it’s because I too was once that person working in a foreign country not being able to understand a damn thing anyone said for the first several weeks (I was in Madrid, he was in Paris. I was an au pair, he had an actual job—the comparison ends there).

This evening we managed to go out to dinner as a family to our favorite haunt with all the vegan options. Here’s a pic of my birthday dessert {Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto with Jem Chocolate’s warm Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce}. And when we got home, we had my favorite—carrot cake made by my step-daughter. It was incredible.

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto (Broken Top Bottle Shop)

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  1. Hi there! Stumbled into your blog looking for Robert M. Sapolsky pic. Haha, yeah, I found that post with keyword search analytics. I’m also vegan, but a bit more strict – raw in short. I would like to ask if you can suggest good books/authors. I’m reading “Monkeylove. And other essays on our lives as animals” and it’s so good! Anything similar to that? Thanks in advance!

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