Weird things that people make to hang on the wall

White ceramic pig head wall hangings with yellow eyes

What, and Why?

I “won” these pigs at my extended family’s annual white elephant Christmas party last December. One of them says it was purchased at the Mennonite Relief Sale (in Michigan). There used to be a cow that went back and forth several times to different family members—I’m not sure where it ended up.

Why somebody makes these weird—and let’s face it—sad looking ceramic animal heads, I have no idea. But hey, here they are.

We’re going to hang them up in the kitchen one of these days. Above the pantry. Where the cow used to go. We had labeled him, “Friend, not Food.”


One response

  1. Bwahahaha.
    Put some fake eyelashes on ’em. A flower lei. Big kissy lips? Give the poor, SAD things a little personality!