Exhausting day, but good stuff


What an exhausting day—I haven’t been able to stop or relax once! Why does everything happen at once?

  • A last-minute extended family birthday lunch. 
  • Scheming, planning, and errands for a family birthday tomorrow. 
  • Tons of family errands made longer for everybody because we only have the one car. 
  • My older step-daughter (the one whose birthday is tomorrow) finally got hooked up with my community theater contact and did her first volunteering tonight: Painting a set. She’s jumping right into it and is already going back Saturday to help with an upcoming play. It looks likes there will be quite a bit for her to help with this summer—what a great learning experience! There are two theaters involved: One which specializes in teaching young actors, and the other a true community theater. 
  • A new job lead to explore.
  • I even got in a little (not enough) time at the studio tonight.

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