Still stoked about the worm bin


I’m still pretty stoked about our worm bin. It’s amazing the amount of veggie waste that we generate weekly—in spite of my best efforts—and now it’s all going in the bin! Also, the kids have been shredding boxes of expired paperwork in the garage, so we have kept the worm bin well stocked with shreds over the last 3 weeks.

Every once in a while I carefully dig down in there to verify that, yep, the worms are still alive and pooping. We’ve had some pretty hot days over the last week or so, and I’m also keeping an eye on them to make sure it doesn’t get too hot in the garage. 

The bin level keeps going down and we keep adding more on top, so they must be doing some major work. I hope they multiply well enough that I can eventually transplant some of them to my new compost piles we’ve started this summer adjacent to the veggie garden. Would they thrive in that environment as well? Or should I leave the native worms to the outside stuff?


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