Another day, another hike, uncomfortable things we do, tomorrow’s weirdness, inter-species cuteness


Today went by quickly, and not exactly as I’d hoped, but what’s new?

In the morning, I had just enough time for another hike up Pilot Butte. Then I spent some very overdue time with two different extended family members. {Too bad the second visit was prompted by a text message guilt trip, which, incidentally made me want to do the exact opposite of what they were suggesting. Trying to make people feel guilty does not really do much to improve a relationship. But I swallowed my annoyance and made a visit anyway; The visit was overdue, and I tried to make it light and positive.}

A consulting meeting in the morning, and then the kids will be back {already!} And, a relative of the kids {long story} is coming to try to fix our defunct Rodeo that’s been sitting in the driveway for a couple of years. Part of me hopes it’s fixable, since it’s paid off and it would be nice to have two cars again {even though we’d actually be giving it to our just turned 16-year-old}, but part of me hopes that it’s not, because it’s old, it’s a stick, it gets terrible gas mileage, and insuring it again plus adding the 16-year-old is going to kill us. Slight hyperbole, but still: Not pretty.

Oh, I almost forgot. My greyhound Ruby has made a bird friend! She was playing with a little sparrow this morning. The sparrow would land in the yard, looking for dry grass for her nest. Ruby would see her, run over, pounce near the bird {obviously not actually trying to catch her}, the bird would then fly to the fence. Repeat. This happened several times at 6:30 a.m. and a few hours later on Ruby’s second time out. I don’t know if it’s the same bird, or if Ruby was just feeling rambunctious today, but it was very cute.