Hike up, {don’t forget to breathe}, {mind the moment}, descend. Repeat.


Packed day 1 of a packed week! Of course, nothing ever goes as planned: Our one-hour interview at the station this morning turned into 2 hours of troubleshooting and then an hour of interview later in the day. Which threw off my schedule, but I was able to make it work and still have plenty of prep time for my meeting this afternoon.

And it was a nice evening once I finally got home. I steamed some pot stickers and Romano beans while hubby and kids finished up watching 5th Element. Later, I hiked Pilot Butte in the semi-darkness with my step-son. We were encircled by a smoky-orange-smudged sunset. On the way down, I walked through a spider’s web with my face, and tried not to stumble on rocks. Beautiful.

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