Too much screen time


Way too much screen time today, especially for a beautiful Saturday. A shame.

But we got Tuesday’s show completely done and uploaded, and I pretty much finished the show notes as well, excepting those few things that can’t be updated ahead of time. What really sucks is that the show was done by 11:15 this morning, but  I had to go back to the studio tonight to re-record two short segments, because I mispronounced somebody’s name and only this afternoon thought to ask. You’d think in over a year-and-a-half that I would have learned to find these things out ahead of time!

Anyway, after finishing the show (I thought) and picking up a couple of vegan donuts for the hubs and I, and finishing the show notes, I did finally get to some of my SharePoint training prep. Much more of that to do tomorrow, though. Hubs spent the day photographing his friends longboarding, which, frankly, sounds much more inviting than my day.

I was so exhausted, I fell asleep in the tub. Thank the gods that I put down my library book—it wouldn’t be the first one that I drowned.

I want to stay up and look for meteors. Really. I went out around 11:30 tonight, but didn’t see any. Too much suburban light, probably. But I have somebody coming to the house at noon tomorrow. And I really need the sleep.

Sweet Ruby is healing up nicely. She got her tubes out the other day, has been off pain pills for a few days, is done with her antibiotics, and is able to be unsupervised without her track muzzle (they wanted us to be sure to keep her from messing with the stitches). And she’s in much better spirits: Wagging her tail, following us up and down the stairs, having a good appetite. When those stitches come out, she’s going to be feeling great.

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