Screen time


Arghh. All this computer / phone / kindle  “screen time” is catching up to me. Software tweaking, news research, editing, schoolwork—all online, all day long, all evening long. It’s getting old, and straining my eyes.

Must do something about it.

Tonight we finally got a difficult interview edited after spending many, many hours individually and together on it. Rambling content, poor audio quality in spots, amazing amounts of ums, you knows, stutters, etc. But they always turn out well enough in the end, and this one will be no exception. It’s edited down to a tight length and I’m sure will be quite interesting. Now to figure out how to finish the rest of the show before next Tuesday.

Yesterday was a good anti-procrastination day. I got our hotel situated for Portland VegFest! I’m going for the 3rd year and this year for the 1st time Vegnet Bend and All Things Vegan are going to share a table. If you’re in Portland, come visit us September 22 & 23. And this year I’m taking the entire family: It’s going to be so fun (I hope!)

Even though I still have no financial aid $, I also finally broke down and ordered the first couple of books that I really need for school (a couple on Kindle, one hard copy), and since Amazon gives free 2-day shipping to students, they’re coming maybe tomorrow, definitely by Saturday. I also got my Galaxy S3 case ordered, after having the phone for several weeks and suffering with the lame case that Costco provided.

And today I met with a new recruiter, so we’ll see if that leads anywhere.

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