Sofa versus couch, drawing


We bought a sectional sofa today! We haven’t had a couch in many years. The old sofa/love seat set got saggy and cat ripped and we finally got rid of it and have limped along with a hodgepodge of chairs and a small uncomfortable chaise lounge ever since.  It won’t be delivered for a couple of days—can’t wait! And in case you were wondering what the difference between a couch and a sofa is {I had no idea—growing up we said couch, I eventually switched over to sofa}:

sofa (n.) Look up sofa at Dictionary.com1620s, “raised section of a floor, covered with carpets and cushions,” from Turk. sofa, from Arabic suffah “bench.” Meaning “long stuffed seat for reclining” is recorded from 1717.

couch (n.) Look up couch at Dictionary.commid-14c., from O.Fr. couche (12c.) “a bed, lair,” from coucher “to lie down,” from L. collocare (see couch (v.)). Traditionally, a couch has the head end only raised, and only half a back; a sofa has both ends raised and a full back; a settee is like a sofa but may be without arms; an ottoman has neither back nor arms, nor has a divan, the distinctive feature of which is that it goes against a wall. Couch potato first recorded 1979.

One Drawing a Day by Veronica Lawlor


Picked this up from the library today. Think I can learn how to draw? {doubtful}


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