Downton Abbey: Put that in your pipe and smoke it


I just watched the last 5 episodes of Downton Abbey, Season 1, on Netflix, pretty much back-to-back. This series certainly lives up to its reputation—the character development is very well done. I needed a mental and physical break this weekend, and this show was “Just the ticket” for a lazy Saturday. Which, coincidentally, was a phrase apparently in use in the early 1900’s, along with “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Even though Season 2 has already aired in the UK, it looks like the season has just begun here. The great news is that episodes 1 & 2 are already available on I know what I’m watching tomorrow.

CSA Basket #16: September 19, 2012

CSA Box #16, 2012

CSA Box #16, 2012

In the box:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage, Green
  • Canadice grapes {so cute!}
  • Cilantro
  • Lettuce, Red Butter
  • Peppers, Red
  • Salad mix
  • Shallots
  • Watermelon, Yellow Doll

I bought extra grapes before I realized that they had included some in the box {not pictured}. I probably wouldn’t have if I had known how much they were going to cost! Still, they’re yummy and not too tart.

What was in the prior boxes?

Pip came to investigate while I was taking photos. The perspective in this photo is funny—between the closeup of the veggies and the large sofa sectional, she looks so tiny! Also, I had to take this photo after dark, so the lighting is not great. And, the kids unpacked the veggies and put them in the fridge, so I’m not sure that this is everything, but I think it’s at least one of everything.

Short night ahead with an injured hound


Well, it’s going to be a short night. A few hours ago our greyhound Ruby was accidentally caught in the door to our latticed-in back porch {the used-to-be screen door has plastic lattice attached to it instead of screen}. As she was coming in, I came out the sliding glass door and Pip darted out, because she loves to be on the porch and find ways to escape into the back yard. My step-son saw Pip coming out and slammed the latticed door shut to keep her on the porch—but Ruby was half-way through it.

Ruby screamed and jumped back into the yard, stumbling. I thought she was just scared, because she’s the most skittish, sensitive soul I know, but I felt along her body for any injuries, just in case. I picked up all her feet, felt them, bent her legs, ran my hands along her torso. She seemed fine. It took 5 minutes or so to convince her to come back through the porch and into the house. She then went to lay down in her downstairs bed.

Later, I called her upstairs and she jumped on the bed. There were several of us hanging out in the room and going in and out, and I even sat down to read while waiting to check on dinner. Somewhere in there I went to give Ruby some love, and discovered a huge gash in the underside of her right thigh, right in the crease. It had hardly bled at all, but looked deep and was gaping open. Thankfully, my husband was able to locate supplies to clean the wound as I wrestled a very unhappy greyhound. We grabbed her loose plastic muzzle, which was nearby—I’d been using it lately to aid me in trimming her nails since she’s become increasingly cranky about that over the years {she’s 12}. Finally, we got her cleaned, wrapped, and stabilized and after a while we helped her lay down. Eventually, she calmed down enough to get a little sleep. But she’s obviously very uncomfortable. She’s going to have to wear the track muzzle all night, because we can’t risk her waking up and messing with the bandages.

Poor sweet thing. I’m not looking forward to getting up at 8a to call the vet to see if they can squeeze her in—she’s probably going to need a bunch of stitches. And I’m not sure how we’re going to get her downstairs.

Greyhounds have such thin skin! Our other greyhound, Deimos, injured himself on multiple occasions resulting in large open wounds. They always looked terrible but eventually healed up just fine with good care on our end, without stitches. This one might be tricky though, because of the location. I sure hope our favorite vet friend is in tomorrow.

All Things Vegan June 26 show notes now available: Ecco Bella, Just One Day, Las Vegas dining, and fast food taco rumors


Got the show notes up today for last Tuesday’s show:

Sally Malanga, Ecco Bella founder, talks about cruety-free beauty and her work with Friends of Animals

In today’s show, we talk with Sally Malanga, President and Founder of Ecco Bella Cosmetics. Sally shares the vegan epiphany that led to her founding Ecco Bella as a cruelty free beauty products company, and tells us what she feels it takes to create real beauty—inside and out.

We also bring you an update on the successful Just One Day campaign, a day in which animal shelters across the nation were asked to ease overcrowding by making every effort to find homes for adoptable animals—instead of killing them. Additionally, Judy brings you a roving dining review from Las Vegas. And, we expose the truth behind a long-running fast food taco rumor.

And, of course, we highlight the latest News from the Vegan Frontier, let you know about vegan related happenings in and around Central Oregon, and more!

Day by day



Pip & Ruby, February 2012

Pip & Ruby, February 2012

I put many many hours into the show this past week, in the hopes that we won’t be up all night Monday night finishing Tuesday’s show. We’ve packed in quite a few interviews in the last few weeks, so most of the time was spent editing.

I also took Pip to the vet today. She had been sneezing so much for several days that we were worried something more than a cold was bothering her. She came home with an antibiotic, orders for a small amount of fluids and B12 (which we’ll do ourselves), and a wait and see.

Alas, I made no time for yoga or gym today, even though I could have really used it.

Took a long bath tonight with coconut oil and Epson salt. Watched a House. And a Who Do You Think You Are? Tried to check out, to turn off, to tune out, to detach, to shut down.

Tomorrow, a veggie friend is coming in to town. We’re going to get an interview and then probably hit Broken Top Bottle Shop for the good vegan options, then hang out a bit.

Small things to look forward to. Day by day.