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Walnuts and carrots


I miss my bird friend.

  • Walnuts and carrots make me sad (her favorite foods)
  • When I see a cardboard tube or a sturdy cardboard box, I want to give them to her to chew into shreds
  • When  I have cut veggie leftovers, an apple core, or a heel of bread, I want to put them in her dishes and hear that excited call
  • I want to fill her water dish with fresh water and watch her cram her entire body in and bathe, one more time
  • I want to hear her say “Baby Bird” and “Oooohhhh” one more time
  • I want to feel her pokey feet and her soft feathers, and kiss her warm soft head, one more time
  • I want to hear her laughter, once more time
  • I even want her to fly around and chew on the kitchen cupboards, just once more

Poor thing. She went so quickly and took a piece of me with her.

My favorite post about Caesar.

Slow evening at home with hulu, books, and cats


A slow evening at home (that 5 hours of sleep was rough). Made some vegan blueberry pancake comfort food.  Took a long hot bath while watching House and had a stack of books for after. Rotating kitties kept me company.

On my reading list this week:

Circling back to homebody: family, bread, and Pilot Butte


This week and last I’ve tried to circle back and concentrate on family, spending quite a bit less time on the radio show and other events in the evenings. My radio co-host is out-of-town, and we just finished a show, so that helps a little, but I need to find a way to strike a balance when it gets busy again too. The last two weeks with extra work and radio commitments colliding produced disastrous results, so this is a good time to step back and regroup.

An update on the breadmaking: We’re still going strong. We’ve made bread every day for the last week. We can get by making up the dough every other day and then baking one loaf a night. The cheap baking stone is working great and we’re getting by just fine without an oven thermometer. I now have Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day out from the library as well ( I ♥ our library). I’m going to figure out the cost per loaf the next time we buy flour. We should be saving quite a bit, but then again we’re buying organic flours and also eating more bread than normal. (Ordinarily, if we run out of bread between paychecks, then we have to substitute other things.) It’s been fun, though, so even if we’re not saving all that much, it’s worth it. And the convenience of always having various breads available is great. I still can’t believe that I had never tried this easy way to make bread before. I’m going to have to find the podcast I was listening to that mentioned the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book and thank them. And then maybe mention the book in our next episode to pass it on. Most of the breads are already vegan, so it’s a natural fit for our Vegan Bite recipe segment.

The kids and I are back in our Pilot Butte habit again. My step-son and I have just gone 4 times in a row (every other day) and the girls 3 of those times. Ruby didn’t get to go the last few times, as she’s ripped a pad the last two times we walked the Butte. I don’t know if it’s the hot sand of the trail, or just tender paws from winter, but she also seemed extra tired both times as well. She‘s been so bummed out that she doesn’t get to go with! But I’m going to take it easy with her and only go on walks around the neighborhood for a while.

We’re already starting to take less time up and back—it’s a good free workout that is so much more challenging than walking around the neighborhood. I’m waiting for all of the kids to catch up to my fitness level, but it won’t be long. Even though it’s a high desert landscape, with lots of sage, junipers, and desert wildflowers, and very popular with people, there is plenty of wildlife. In the last week we’ve seen deer, lizards, chipmunks (or ground squirrels) and many bird species, including nuthatches, jays, robins, and sparrows. I’ve seen gray jays, ravens and birds of prey in the past. We even saw a nuthatch feeding a very noisy full-size baby the other day. And there are probably mountain lions, as they are seen once in a while in the surrounding area. So if we don’t come back one day… 😉

Sapolsky, Bonobos, More Sexy Baboon Biologist, Rhyming Events, Light Boxes, and Trader Joes… My blog’s top 20 search terms of all time


I’ve been in a stats mood the last few days. It’s fun to take a look behind the scenes once in a while, even on a low-traffic personal blog. As I mentioned yesterday when I shared the top 20 most visited posts from my site, I’ve been blogging (nearly) daily for about 8 months.

Robert Sapolsky & Baboon Friend

Robert Sapolsky & Baboon Friend

Here are the top 20 search terms that people used to get to my blog, Memory Monster. Who knew that Robert Sapolsky was so popular? I mean, he is kind of a sexy baboon biologist, and he writes well and is really funny, but 75%?! Yes, searches on his name account for about 75% of my blog traffic, if these WordPress stats are to be believed. One of my three posts that mention him is the most visited post on my site, the other two are in the top 20 here, and here.




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Sun Dogs, wildlife sightings, and field markings of aging hippies

Sun Dog

Cool flat ripply rainbow in the sky this afternoon, after coming home from a few hours on a hike along the river at Twin Bridges (in Tumalo) with my dad and the kids. My dad called it a sun dog. I caught this pic with my cell phone.

Along the river, we saw a doe, a large red crawdad, several grey lizards with blue bellies, black-capped chickadees, some sort of warbler? with a yellow breast, robins, red-winged blackbirds, a magpie, lots of pretty wildflowers and riparian plants, and thankfully, very few other people.

The kids and I spent the evening at KPOV’s Beatles Sing-A-Long. We spotted quite a few people there, mainly a large flock of aging hippies which we identified both by vocalizations and by field markings of peace signs, tie-die, and funny hats.

Worried—about the geese, my city, and where my tax dollars are being spent

Canada Goose and Babies

Tonight I am anxious, on edge. I’m afraid that Bend Park and Recreation District is going to kill more Canada Geese any day, like they gassed 109 of them last summer. — Without any regard to which were residents, or migratory, or to family units. — In spite of the efforts of GeesePeace, Bend’s Goose Watch Alliance, and many other concerned citizens to work with them. — In spite of widespread public opposition.

They’ve already obtained the permit. And they did it in secret last year during the last month of June. This is where my tax dollars are going. This is what makes me sick. To read more about the issues surrounding Canada Goose population management, or to take action if you live in Bend, please visit the sites above, visit Uncle Goose on Facebook, or listen to the latest All Things Vegan radio show, where we interview a local wildlife conservationist about this very issue.

And be sure to visit Bend’s spot (as Oregon’s only representative) on the Canada Goose Hall of Shame.

Yep, I still hate public speaking


Ugh. After all I’ve done over the past few years, leading user groups, leading non-profit groups, doing the radio show, and presenting in geeky events, I still hate public speaking.

I read a 3-minute prepared statement against the killing of Canada Geese at a Parks & Rec board meeting tonight. It would have been much more powerful if I hadn’t been shaking and sounding like I was about to cry because I was so nervous. I always think to myself, “No big deal, just talk,” but when I get up there… Does that happen to you?

A bit of my statement made it on the news, and I cringed while watching myself. Even though I almost wish I had been left out of the video, I’m very glad that the local TV news station was covering the meeting. And I’m glad we were there. Somebody has to speak up for the geese.