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Nerding it up instead of gawking it up: A Settlers of Catan weekend


While others in Bend this weekend were running into and posing with Jack Black or Beck, or seeing The Shins, Tenacious D, and/or Beck in concert, my decidedly uncool (and broke) family were nerding it up playing Settlers of Catan. We even warmed up to the new game by watching Wil Wheaton play it first.

Ahhhh… Quiet House. And up all night.


It’s been 6 weeks since the kids have been away for a full weekend. And we’re enjoying every minute of the quiet.

I was feeling quite sleep deprived all day, and after muddling through the day of consulting to-do’s, I finally crashed around 6p for several hours. Of course, now I’ve totally messed up my schedule because it’s 3 a.m. and I’m barely tired. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. Although I do have a few things I’d like to accomplish, which might require getting out of bed before noon. Since I’m up late, I thought I’d share this poem from the Knopf Poems After Midnight collection I just got for Kindle from the library:

A Remedy for Insomnia

Not sheep coming down the hills,
not cracks on the ceiling—
count the ones you loved,
the former tenants of dreams
who would keep you awake,
once meant the world to you,
rocked you in their arms,
those who loved you . . .
You will fall asleep, by dawn, in tears.

—Vera Pavlova

An ungodly hour


This morning, I got up at an ungodly hour for a Saturday {8 a.m.} and went with the kids and the hub down to a park to watch the kids’ mom finish running a 10k{One of those strange things blended families do.} The kids then went off to spend time with their mom until tomorrow.

I came back to the house for a little while, prepped for an ATV interview, then went to the station to meet my co-host and our out-of-town friend in order to record the interview. We had fun with that, and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening having a leisurely lunch at Broken Top Bottle Shop and walking along Benham Falls. It was a good time.

It tired me out, though. Good thing the house is quiet tonight: I might just have to get up at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning to join the girls for breakfast. {Rough life.}

By the way, I looked for the Super Moon tonight and by the time it got up over the trees behind my house, it was unimpressive. I’ve seen much bigger and more impressive Harvest Moons before. Maybe you had to catch it right at the horizon?!

Trash kites


We made kites: trash bags on strings. We ran, slipped, the knees of our dungarees all grass stained, we got up, ran, choked ourselves half to death with laughter, but we found speed, and our trash kites soared. We flew for an hour or so, until daylight fully buried itself into night and all the light sank back, except for the stars and a toenail clipping of moon, and the kites disappeared, black on blackness. That’s when we let go, and our trash kites really soared—up and away, heavenward, like prayers, our hearts chasing after.

~ from We the Animals, Justin Torres

Going to kid things – still a novelty


We went to my oldest stepdaughter’s first choir concert tonight. It was a concert for friends and family to show off what they’d be doing for a competition in a few weeks. She looked like she was having fun, even though I know she wasn’t feeling that hot. It’s so nice to be able to go to kid things! Living in another town, we missed most of them over the years. {I’m sure the novelty will wear off.}

But I’m looking forward more to her play, Harvey, where she has the role of Nurse Kelly. We watched the movie a few days ago (on YouTube, in 7 parts, since it was the only place we could find to watch it online), so now I have a decent idea of what to expect.

Thus ends my nerdy step-mom talk for the night.