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A couple of pics from my Tuesday Pilot Butte hike


A couple of pics from my Tuesday Pilot Butte hike:

Pale pink desert wildflower, with white wildflowers

Desert wildflowers, Pilot Butte

Bush with red berries, growing in cinders

This bush with red berries on Pilot Butte looks like it’s growing right out of the cinders

Sunrise, Sunset

Yellow Wildflowers - Awake 2


These sweet wildflowers are growing in some sandy soil right outside our back porch door.

I remember scattering quite a few wildflower seeds there last year, and these are the only ones that have really thrived. They open wide and happy in the warmth of the day, and then close tightly when the air is chilly:

Yellow Wildflowers - Awake


Yellow Wildflowers - Awake 3


Yellow Wildflowers - Asleep