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Geek gadget of the day: laptop cooling pad


Laptop cooling pad

I’m loving this laptop fan/pad. It’s going to be a long while before I’m able to afford a new laptop and my old Dell gets super hot, even when it’s just sitting there doing nothing. This fan serves as a laptop holder and cooling fan. It has a short cord that plugs into a spare USB port. On low, I can’t even really hear it and when the laptop is not in use it keeps very cool. During use, the laptop still warms up a bit, but the higher setting on the pad works well to compensate and is still very quiet. I only wish the fan covered the entire area underneath the laptop, because the front 1/3 of the laptop underneath the touch-pad area still warms up more than the back 2/3. (Also, there is a more expensive version with built-in speakers, which would be awesome.)

I took my older step-daughter to her first IgniteBend tonight: IgniteBend 8. It was a good mix of topics, as usual, with some audience participation thrown in. My favorite might have been the Roundabout Etiquette talk.

Inspired once again by Ignite Bend


Tonight, I was inspired once again by Ignite Bend. One of my favorite presentations was Brian Tomkin’s How to turn your kid into a Rock Star! It was so sincere, yet engaging and funny. Check out the band Brian formed with his daughter, The Blue Eyed Maniacs.

Another great 5 minutes was spent with Bill Warburton, where he spoke with such enthusiasm about Cyclocross in Bend, that he had me thinking, “I should do that.” (Of course, that was crazy talk. I’m barely past the beginner stage of mountain biking.)

And Cassandra Schindler talked clothing/cultural experiment with such passion that she almost had the audience tearing up along with her.

All of tonight’s great Ignite Bend presentations will soon be available online.

Ignite: How cupcakes inspired a conversation about pregnant cows and milk at my wedding party; or the joys of a Vegan (plant-based) diet

How cupcakes inspired a conversation about pregnant cows & milk at my wedding party; or the joys of a Vegan (plant-based) diet

A few years ago, I gave a presentation at Ignite Bend 2. Ignite is an event that takes place in communities around the world in which ordinary people give 5 minute presentations on any topic they’re passionate about. The Ignite motto is: Enlighten us, but make it quick. Ignite presenters are allowed 20 slides that rotate automagically every 15 seconds. Giving an Ignite presentation is both terrifying and exhilarating. If Ignite comes to your community, I highly suggest submitting a proposal. And if you’re not speaking, it’s always entertaining to be part of the audience.

IgniteBend recently made some past presentations available on YouTube. Here’s a link to my presentation from June 4, 2009: “How cupcakes inspired a conversation about pregnant cows & milk at my wedding party; or the joys of a Vegan (plant-based) diet.” I think I had been vegan less than 6 months at this point. Enjoy.

Why Vegan Wedding Cupcakes

If you’re in Bend on February 9, 2011, come see Ignite Bend 6!