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Yoga, brainstorming, family time, bundt pan, interview


Wow, I actually got to yoga twice this week! That hasn’t happened in a long time. Random times and random classes, but both good in their own way.

About all I accomplished today besides that, is some grocery shopping, and meeting with an old acquaintance about her fundraising ideas and reviving a great animal issues magazine she used to produce. It was nice to brainstorm together. Bonus: She said she barely recognized me and that I looked great! She hadn’t seen me in about 6 years and even though it didn’t seem very drastic to me, I gradually lost quite a bit of weight after becoming vegetarian then vegan, and I guess it shows.

Tonight, we hung out as a family, made pizzas, made pineapple upside down cake in the new bundt pan, and watched some Big Bang Season 5. I had planned to work on more show notes, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. Ooh, now we can make this bundt cake recipe.

This weekend, in addition to show notes and schoolwork, I’m going to read a good portion of Jenny Brown’s The Lucky Ones, since we’ve set up an interview with her for next week. We met Jenny last year and she was so friendly and funny—I can’t wait to talk with her again.

Bad yogatude


I just finished up several hours of consulting work. I would have rather done it during the week, but it was the kind of thing that needed to be done after hours, when nobody was accessing the system. Fortunately, all went as planned. While waiting for things to download and/or install, I was able to do a little news research for the next show too. All while hanging out with my step-son and the hub as they watched some Netflix.

I’m beginning to realize just how sore I am from yoga today. I’ve been going to the fitness center frequently, but not regularly, if that makes any sense. The yoga classes are not really in a convenient schedule – there is generally one every day around 9:15, for instance, but the type of class can vary from relaxation yoga to power vinyasa, and the teachers vary too. It’s hard to get into any type of M-W-F or T-Th schedule there. I can’t imagine why they do it like that.

So today, I thought I was going to a vinyasa class with a teacher that I like and have had a couple of times, but there was a sub. And I was tired and struggling through the entire class. Do you every have a teacher who wants you to hold every pose forever and you feel like they’ll never move on to the next thing? I can understand in a restorative or relaxation class, but in a vinyasa class I expect to well, keep moving. But honestly, we did move a lot, we just held the poses long in between. Some days I just have a bad yoga attitude. And I think my body is tired, because she worked us hard.

It’s good that I went to yoga today, for a number of reasons:  One being that tomorrow I can sleep in.

That pesky lung thing


I thought my asthma symptoms had finally gotten better after getting the flu over a month ago. I had a few days without the inhaler: I used it once before working out the other day, but in general have gotten by without. But then this week we spent a few days in an alternate studio room using Skype to record and edit interviews—and there was this fresh cigarette smell insidiously seeping through the ramshackle walls of the old building. The station borrows space in the back of a decrepit school; the front is the Boys and Girls club. This is late at night, so I think somebody in maintenance is smoking in one of the utility rooms. It sucks, and there is nothing I can do about it. Unless I haul an air filter down there. Or buy recording equipment for home.

It must have accumulated over a couple of nights, because by this afternoon I was feeling pretty tight. By the time I went with my step-daughter to yoga, I felt like I needed to take my inhaler before the class. And then I felt super dizzy a couple of times, which was weird. It could be the effects of the inhaler, or maybe not being able to breathe fully. Tonight I feel that hand squeezing around my chest again.

Looking back at blog posts, I can see that I had lung issues around the same time last year—maybe just a few weeks later than this year. Hmm. Wonder if there is something environmental at this time of year that triggers it or makes it worse—allergies?

I’m officially sick of asthma. Bleh. And I’m not sure what to do about it. I eat right. I supplement as recommended. I exercise. I do yoga.  I get sleep. Any suggestions?

Getting sleep where I can get it, lungs, and yoga


4.5 hours sleep. I rolled out of bed, grogged some clothes on, swallowed some English Breakfast tea and some uninspired toast, and dropped the kids off at school. Less than 45 long minutes later I was home. Fed the animals so they wouldn’t harass me. Then slept for 3.5 hours.

Last night I had to use my inhaler for the first time this winter. My throat and lungs feel hashed. The rest of the family is starting to feel it too. But tonight my oldest step-daughter and I went to yoga anyway, while the twins swam. It kicked my ass, in a very good way. Tomorrow may need to be a complete day of rest, though. Which kinds of sucks, because I have two job applications to work on—one of which has Friday for a deadline, and for which I’m probably going to have to retool my resume and provide a portfolio of sorts. Plus I have show notes to do, work for the next show to start on, some WordPress research to do for next week’s user group presentation, and prep for some potential consulting work. The list goes on.

I’m unemployed—and {thankfully} I’m a busy girl.

What is that irritating driver who doesn’t know how to drive in a roundabout teaching me?


My inner voice was really trying to convince me to go back to sleep this morning, but I successfully ignored it and got up anyway for yoga. I had a nice hour of waking up and having some tea and oatmeal before leaving. I like the teacher on Saturday mornings. She has a great calming and thoughtful spirit about her, and she has a theme for each class that she discusses at the beginning, before we get going, and then comes back to throughout the session.

The only problem is that I’m not the only one who likes her class—it is very overcrowded and if anybody gets there on time or later, people have to keep moving their mats to accommodate. Often, we’re bumping into one another with our arms to the sides, or sometimes with the person in front or behind us. I think I’ve made it to the Saturday class 4 times (3 with this teacher, once with a sub), and every time I’ve arrived too late to get a decent spot. Today, I was determined to get there 15 minutes early. But I didn’t. And I was crammed up in the corner and next to the medicine balls, which I kept hitting with my left arm. {At least I got a spot. Thursday I arrived just about on time, or maybe a minute or so late to a different class, and I didn’t end up going in because I couldn’t see one spot where I could possibly squeeze in.}

And yet, I still enjoyed the class and was very glad that I went. Something I’ve been working on lately is coping with things that irritate me. For instance, starting yoga back up again after an absence has been challenging physically and mentally. Sometimes I find myself getting irritated that I’m not familiar with a pose, or that the teacher is not explaining it more fully. Or we are going too fast. Or that my thighs are on fire and we’re doing yet another warrior sequence. But through yoga I’m learning to take that irritation—recognize it—and accept that it is there to teach me patience, or acceptance. Then set it aside. In my everyday life, there are, of course, many things that irritate me. But now my first thought is, recognize it— accept what it is there to teach me, and then set it aside. Does this work miracles in all situations? No. But it’s a start.