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Anxious (adj.), getting organized for grad school


Anxiety producing day on a variety of levels.

anxious (adj.) Look up anxious at Dictionary.com1620s, from L. anxius “solicitous, uneasy, troubled in mind” (also “causing anxiety, troublesome”), from angere, anguere “choke, squeeze,” figuratively “torment, cause distress” (see anger(v.)). The same image is in Serbo-Croatian tjeskoba “anxiety,” lit. “tightness, narrowness.” Related: Anxiously; anxiousness.

But I did make a tiny bit of progress with the Humane Education grad program: I actually received a copy of the acceptance letter. And I’ve supposedly been registered for two courses. The instructors have sent me some materials and assignments. But I still have no student login. And no signed loan, thus no way to buy books. Although my local library has a surprising amount of the books for the Environmental Ethics course. Intro to Humane Ed, not so much.

After going to a new user group to check it out (Bend Web Marketing, SEO presentation), I spent the evening organizing the info I have so far for my coursework—getting a new Google calendar set up with just schoolwork deadlines, making an Amazon list of books that I need, reserving a bunch of books at the library. Setting up a few Evernote notebooks. I’m going to have to be extra organized to pull this off.

I think I’ll end up getting Kindle books for most of the required reading, unless electronic format is not available. In many cases, the Kindle book is slightly cheaper, but not always. I’m a little torn, because it’s sometimes nice to have a hard copy for portability, reading in the bath, lending, or just to have a tangible collection (like my aging collection of animal behavior, cognition, and nature books). But I think it will be worth it to have searchable books that I can read on multiple devices. What do you think?

Mellower than Saturday


Thankfully, Sunday was mellower than Saturday. I slept wayyy in, cleaned the master bedroom, read some of Zoe Weil’s Above All, Be Kind and put together an intro and some questions for Zoe, who we’re interviewing tomorrow morning. I also reviewed some songs that we might feature on All Things Vegan.

Other than that, we had an impressive thunderstorm. Exactly what Ruby didn’t need today. We thought maybe her pain meds would dull her normal anxiety about thunderstorms—we even gave her a little extra (within the OK range from the vet)—and she still freaked out and spent much of the evening squashed under the desk in the closet. Poor little nut.

Later this evening, we turned on the Mars Curiosity coverage and have left it on. If it lands around when they think, I may still be up. But I have to get up at the crack of dawn for the ATV interview, so if there are issues, I may not.

In spite of this, the day flew by: I’m not sure where the last 11 hours have gone!

Up in the air


Feeling anxious and extra tired today. Flitting from one thing to another. I just don’t like it when too many things are up in the air. It’s as if life is in suspension. Wish I could just relax and be with every moment, instead of worrying steadily for most of the past four months.

I did try to manage it: I worked out. I gave myself an opportunity to read a book and nap (couldn’t nap—unusual for me), took a bath and read, etc. Got a good book finished, but still feel out of sorts.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.