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Last-minute present wrangling, Kindle crafts, and vegans on Big Bang


Nothing like a little Awkward Family Photos to celebrate Christmas Eve.

I spent the morning sleeping in, then doing some last-minute present wrangling, one girl at a time. I came back from the second run to a giant batch of vegan pumpkin pancakes, thanks to my oldest step-daughter {yum! I think she based it on a Blissful Bites recipe}. We decorated the tree {we only got to the lights yesterday}. We did a little craft project: Hubby is making us wooden Kindle Fire stands, so we each decorated our individual pieces with origami or other patterned papers. Tomorrow, he’ll assemble them, and I’ll get a pic. He’s already been using the prototype and they seem pretty handy for around the house. After that, I wrapped presents, and then we all had yet another Big Bang Theory marathon (we’re watching season 4). I’m loving Mayim Bialik‘s character. Also, Brian Greene guest starred on one of the episodes, which was interesting, because I tried to start his book on parallel universes earlier this year, but didn’t get very far. Coincidentally(?), both Mayim and Brian are vegan.

My new favorite evening activity: Words with Friends via Fire + kids + Big Bang Theory marathon


My new favorite evening activity: Piling kids on the bed and playing Words with Friends via Kindle Fire with hubby and kids, while having a Big Bang Theory marathon.