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Well, OK, 12-year-old birthday party, Take 2: Boys! didn’t exactly happen. None of the boys were in town and/or available tonight. We’ll try again for Thursday or next week. Funny how things are so different for each twin. I feel terrible for my step-son, he’s pretty bummed out.

But he got to spend some quality time with his Dad this afternoon and we all had a nice evening together. (Bike ride. Looking at the moon and emerging stars. Star Trek Online. Laughing at Beezebarb’s yearbook from high school. Waffles!—the boy wanted waffles instead of cupcakes.) Tomorrow is their actual birthday and we’re going to have a mostly family day {plus the VegNet potluck: our annual Luau.} I know it doesn’t make up for having friends over, but…

12-year-old birthday party, Take 1: Girls!


12-year-old birthday party, Take 1: Girls!

Whose idea was this, anyway?

There are 5 extra girls here camped out in the living room, which looks like a tornado went through it. So far: Water balloon fights, bike rides, make-your-own pizzas, girls being bossy, vegan teal velvet cupcakes {instead of red, and thanks to older sister}, movies, popcorn, dogs eating popcorn, and silly phone videos.

Tomorrow, Take 2: Boys!

Exhausting day, but good stuff


What an exhausting day—I haven’t been able to stop or relax once! Why does everything happen at once?

  • A last-minute extended family birthday lunch. 
  • Scheming, planning, and errands for a family birthday tomorrow. 
  • Tons of family errands made longer for everybody because we only have the one car. 
  • My older step-daughter (the one whose birthday is tomorrow) finally got hooked up with my community theater contact and did her first volunteering tonight: Painting a set. She’s jumping right into it and is already going back Saturday to help with an upcoming play. It looks likes there will be quite a bit for her to help with this summer—what a great learning experience! There are two theaters involved: One which specializes in teaching young actors, and the other a true community theater. 
  • A new job lead to explore.
  • I even got in a little (not enough) time at the studio tonight.

Mellow birthday


Mellow birthday ~

Slept in. Read a clever Matthew Hughes story about thieves and wizards from Fantasy & SciFi Mag, a disturbing Robert Reed sci-fi story from the Robots anthology, an enjoyable short story by Lucia Perillo (hey, I can give a different short story genre a chance), and then half of Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, by Rosecrans Baldwin. That one had me laughing out loud many times, a welcome diversion. Maybe it’s because I too was once that person working in a foreign country not being able to understand a damn thing anyone said for the first several weeks (I was in Madrid, he was in Paris. I was an au pair, he had an actual job—the comparison ends there).

This evening we managed to go out to dinner as a family to our favorite haunt with all the vegan options. Here’s a pic of my birthday dessert {Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto with Jem Chocolate’s warm Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce}. And when we got home, we had my favorite—carrot cake made by my step-daughter. It was incredible.

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto (Broken Top Bottle Shop)