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Last CSA share of the year


My last ½ share. I roasted these Brussels sprouts tonight with some olive oil, salt, and garlic salt. After my hubby informed me that he loathes brussel sprouts, I proceeded to eat them. All of them. Well, I gave one to Ruby. Cover anything with olive oil and salt and it’s going to be pretty irresistible to me. I haven’t had Brussels sprouts very often. But they tasted just fine—kind of like a combo of broccoli and cabbage—which makes sense, since they’re highly related.

I’m bummed that the season is over. Although I didn’t always use every bit of the veggies each week (I wasted the lettuce more than once, for instance—salad just doesn’t inspire me), the food budget is going to go up. Or we’re going to eat less fresh veggies. Sigh.

I spent the evening putting together a Potato-Sweet Potato-Leek crockpot soup to get us set up for the weekend, as well as roasting the remaining beets. Plus, I’m about to put in the 2nd loaf of spelt bread of the day. (I experimented with replacing the majority of the whole wheat flour with spelt flour. It made the dough extra sticky, but the bread turned out just fine.)

Last CSA 2011