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I don’t know where the time goes, but the weekend is already gone. By this afternoon, I was already thinking about everything I have to do this week. And then I went ahead and spent several hours getting ahead: some bookkeeping and some interview editing, both of which involved sitting in front of the laptop and external monitor. I would rather have just read all afternoon, even if it was a book for school or the radio show, but then again it’s nice to have a bit of a head start to the week. Things are only going to get busier with the kids starting school again in a few weeks and with my online grad program starting up (crossing my fingers that it will be all sorted by the end of the week).

Somewhere in this day I patched up a kid from a bike crash as well. At least this evening, once it had finally cooled down, my step-daughter and I walked Pilot Butte in the near darkness. It was beautiful and satisfying, as usual.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about describing myself as “busy.” I’m sure it’s because I’ve seen some articles along these lines recently—“busy-ness” really being self-imposed. So I’m actively trying not to describe my life that way. I’m just trying to fill it with the things I need to do to both keep the family afloat, and try to make the world a better place. If only I can keep doing so without feeling amped up and anxious all of the time.