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Vegan bake sales, these animals


Our Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale was super fun. It was different from any other tabling we’ve ever done. A couple of years ago we sold Field Roast hot dogs at the same fair, but we barely broke even. This time, as all of the goodies were donated, we were able to successfully raise a bit of extra cash for the group. So we can do more events and talk to even more people.

It was one of the first beautiful warm days of spring and people were out in droves. We had a nice variety of baked goods—several kinds each of cupcakes and cookies, and even pumpkin bread and dog biscuits! We also gave out samples of Field Roast, little pita pizzas with Daiya, coconut milk, and had literature available. We had plenty of volunteers, which made it go really smoothly as people had to come and go.

The twins had their yearly school fundraising event today as well, and we did some shuttling back and forth so they could both help set up in the morning, and help out and perform at the event all night (babysitting and serving, choir and rock band). They were able to come to the Earth Day Fair in between for a couple of hours and hang out with a friend from out of town, so they had a good day (but a very, very long one).

I also feel like I had a super long day. We were going from 8:30 on. I couldn’t have done it nearly so well without my older step-daughter’s help. Not only did she bake 60 cupcakes over the last few evenings, but she sold baked goods non-stop for about four hours straight. And she did it with a great attitude and I’m pretty sure was actually having a good time.

This afternoon, I had to have a nap on the porch, which was awesome. Later, I let Miss Calico out on the porch with me for a few minutes, thinking if she tried to escape through the broken lattice, I would have plenty of time to catch her. I was wrong. She escaped right in front of me through an impossibly small hole, jumped over the back fence, and was gone again for several hours. And, in looking for her, I went out the front door and let Pip out, who ran under the porch and let us chase her around a little too. We caught her pretty quickly—she just thinks it’s funny to do that to us—she doesn’t try very hard to get away. But I was pretty frustrated with all these calico shenanigans.

Miss Calico has not seemed very content since the last time she got out. She’s been getting up at the crack of dawn and meowlering for a couple of hours while looking out the windows. In our room. While we are trying to sleep. Nothing seems to console her. I don’t know if she wants to be outside with her buddies or what. She’s been spayed, so we can rule out being in heat, right? This afternoon, I didn’t try to go after her after a fruitless half hour. Every time I’d move towards her, she’d act like I was some big bad stranger and run away. I figured she’d come back at dusk like last time.

So, I decided to walk Pilot Butte. I went about 7:15 when it had already begun cooling down. It was gorgeous up there tonight.

When I got back, I opened the garage, got the cat carrier out, got some food, put the food in the carrier, then decided to call for “kitty” for a few minutes. Sure enough, I saw an outline in the dusk across the street. I sat down on the bench and talked to her. She came over, obviously thinking about the food. With only a little bit of wariness, she came on the porch and let me grab her. Then we went inside with the food and I fed her. I don’t know quite what to do with her. We don’t know if she really wants to be here. Would she do better in a different home? Or does she not want to live inside a house? Remains to be seen.

I can hear it snow


Sitting here in my home office {aka, the living room}, I can hear it snow. That can’t be right. Is it raining ice crystals? Hailing? Windy plus snowy? I can’t see much out the window, so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Today I got the stray calico spayed by BendSNIP {yes, she’s still in my bathroom}. She seems to have come through fine and has been jumping all over when I visit her, even though I wish she’d be still.

I also got my laptop backed up and Windows 7 reinstalled {finally}. Just barely got it done and then took it tonight to Install-fest, pre-cursor to the RailsBridge workshop, a free intro to Ruby on Rails workshop {part of Ruby on Ales}. It will be fun, because I know next to nothing about Ruby, and since I’m not a developer, it will be a good challenge. We got a lot of stuff installed tonight. I have little idea what I did, but I did it, and it seems to “work.” I’m sure tomorrow it will all become clear.

I also snuck in an interview at the station tonight, in-between the cat and the Install-fest. That, plus dropping the kids off this morning, treadmill at the gym, and talking with a client, made for a full day.

The Stray

Stray Calico

Stray Calico

Got the kitty checked out today—no microchip, no evidence of spay. Put a couple of signs up in the neighborhood, posted on Craigslist, called the Humane Society. Nobody has responded, and they probably won’t. Have a likely spay and foster situation lined up already.

So glad she’s not out in the cold and snow tonight!

{Funny that she kind of looks like Pip and the Cat Dreams cat.}

Now I’ve done it


So… I had an opportunity to capture the calico cat tonight! It wasn’t planned—but she was out there, and we were talking, anD


Ha! So I’m hanging out in the master bathroom with the calico, typing away about her. And she decides to come up and try to crawl in my lap, stepping on the keyboard—and then manages to hit the right keys to publish the post!

AS I WAS SAYING, we were talking, and she was looking for her food, and I had put it as usual in the back of her crate. And she went right in there to get it. And I had only a few seconds to think—this is it—do I want to capture her? She might freak out and never trust me again. But I did it. And she’s fine. She was scared and nervous and meowed a lot for about 20 minutes, but then she settled down and has been hanging out. The other animals are probably a little upset. But every one of the resident cats was rescued from a life on the streets, so you would think they would understand.

Anyway, we’ll take a little trip in the morning to the local spay and neuter clinic to see if they can scan for a chip and/or see if she’s spayed. She seems a little stout—hopefully she’s not pregnant! I also need to put up signs in the neighborhood to see if anybody “owns” her. Like I don’t have enough to do! But I hated to see her out there in the freezing cold all the time.

Breakthrough—First Contact!


Breakthrough: I didn’t see the stray calico cat for a few days, although the food was clearly being eaten. Tonight, when I went to put out food, she was out there. She immediately rolled around on the sidewalk for me. Then I sat down at the edge of the porch, and put a little food on the first step. After a few minutes of meowing at me, she came up and ate it—and I was able to give her a small scritch on the head—first contact! That was all it took. I think once she decided I was to be trusted, she was all in. After that, she let me pet her all over, even pick her up and hold her in my lap, and she meowed and purred a very quiet purr. She rubbed her head on me and licked my hand. So sweet.

She seems pretty young—her head is very round (no pronounced occipital crest) and her fur is so soft. I couldn’t feel a chip between her shoulders, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Also, she doesn’t seem very thin; on the contrary she appears to be getting plenty to eat. Maybe she makes the rounds? The thing is, for weeks on end she seems to live under our porch. Even when it’s pouring down rain, or super cold, or snowy.

Now, what to do with her? We can’t afford another cat, because we can’t afford to get her regular teeth cleanings and other medical care. (Don’t think I’m not tempted, though.) And it is so hard to know if she is owned by somebody who leaves her out at night, or lets her come and go. I still think I should get her into the carrier soon and take her down somewhere to get scanned. And also put up those posters in the neighborhood asking if anybody owns her.

Wait, we’re not done yet? Snow!


Wait, we’re not done yet?

“Major Winter Storm from Pacific Northwest to the Northern Rockies 

Late Tuesday night through Wednesday, a strong low-pressure system with copious amounts of moisture will approach the Northwest coast. This will set the stage for a major winter storm across the lower elevations and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Travel could become dangerous or impossible in the cities listed below, just to name a few.”

Cities in the winter storm threat zone: Seattle | Olympia | Bellingham | Portland/Vancouver |”

“Since Sunday, snow showers have been falling off and on across the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest. This wintry pattern will be capped off by a major, potentially historic, winter storm that will move across the region through Wednesday.”

So technically, Bend is not listed above. But, still. For Bend, they’re predicting another 3-5″ tonight and 4-6″ tomorrow—on top of what we got after it snowed steadily all day today. We often get a little less on the East side and it had blown around so much by the time I got home, that I couldn’t really tell how much had accumulated. But the West side probably had 3-6″? and the roads were icy, especially up at the college. And if it rains tomorrow afternoon—after the snow, as predicted—it’s going to be quite a mess. But at least a fair amount of people know how to drive in snow around here. Those cities above, not so much.

I love it! A nice fat dramatic storm after a wimpy mild start to winter. No matter how much it snows, I always wish it would snow more. And I’m not even a winter sports kind of girl. Hope we all get a snow day tomorrow.

I do feel badly about the calico cat who is still living under our porch, though. I’ve been trying to convince her to come in, or at least let me touch her, but she is just too wary. I see her every day or so: she’ll come closer than she used to, and meow at me, and I’ll talk back to her. We even hung out near each other for a while on a recent sunny day. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s been using the shelter I set up for her, other than to eat. There’s been a lot going on around here, but I need to borrow that live-trap very soon and hopefully nab her that way, so that we can find her a warm safe home.

Incalculable calicos


Today, we saw the stray calico cat in the front yard. We watched her poke around a bit and then took her out some food. Or course, she spooked and ran way off along the fence towards the back of the house. Within about a half hour, I saw her in the back yard. But wait, she looked bigger. And darker. And where was all the white on her legs and belly? Oddly enough, it was a different calico cat with no collar. This one reminded me of a tom cat by her build and attitude (less skittish), but of course, that would be quite unusual.

With our kitty Pip, that makes 3 calicoes in the near vicinity. What’s up with that?

3 cats of 3 colors.

I wonder if my feeding the one calico ended up attracting the other one? Uh-oh. I also wonder how many stray cats are in our neighborhood. There are a lot of foreclosed houses a few blocks down and still many unemployed people in this town. I wonder if the number of strays has gone up in the last few years. I’ve heard that local horse rescues have been inundated because people just can’t afford to keep their large animals anymore.

I read an interesting book some years ago that I would recommend, Cats are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics.