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A day of volunteering for the family; Alive on Pilot Butte


The 3rd busy day in a row, but so worth it.

Today, my older step-daughter did her 2nd volunteer stint at the community theater and officially made “crew” for the kids production coming up next week. Which will mean she needs to be at the theater for several hours Monday through Thursday evenings this week. She’s meeting some interesting people and is excited about it, which is great to see in a newly minted 16-year-old.

The rest of us went to Equine Outreach. It was my hubby and younger step-daughter’s first time. This time we made it through a very long orientation in 90 degree weather (what a difference a month makes in Central Oregon), much of it in the direct sun, and then stayed to do our first volunteer stint: “picking” pens, i.e., shoveling shit. It was fun. Really! Since none of us have much horse experience, we started off with the friendliest of the bunch, cleaning the miniature donkey pen and then the pen of their horse neighbors. We can’t wait to go back and get to know the horses (and the donkeys) better. I got to see my buddy, River, from last time. He came over to sniff me and seemed slightly peeved that I hadn’t brought snacks this time.

Pilot Butte Sunset July 7, 2012

Pilot Butte Sunset, July 7, 2012

Afterwards, we had a long, lazy afternoon of picking up a few groceries, waffle making (somebody was trying out their new birthday waffle maker), reading, playing (water balloons! —well, the twins anyway), and napping. I then left about 8:45 to go walk Pilot Butte. Evenings after a hot day are magnificent up there. The air feels alive, almost as if it has arms that are enveloping you in a soft, liquid embrace. A vibrant silence surrounds you as you float above the city with the jackrabbits and the lizards, the rabbit brush and the wildflowers.

And now I’m blessed with a quiet house—everyone else but the animals long gone to bed. It’s 80 degrees in here. In spite of this, I’m trying to make bread because we’re out and have been for days. The dough turned out strangely because of the heat, or maybe because it’s been awhile since I last made dough, but that’s OK.

Once it’s done, I’ll retire upstairs to read and enjoy these last few precious moments of a good day.

Exhausting day, but good stuff


What an exhausting day—I haven’t been able to stop or relax once! Why does everything happen at once?

  • A last-minute extended family birthday lunch. 
  • Scheming, planning, and errands for a family birthday tomorrow. 
  • Tons of family errands made longer for everybody because we only have the one car. 
  • My older step-daughter (the one whose birthday is tomorrow) finally got hooked up with my community theater contact and did her first volunteering tonight: Painting a set. She’s jumping right into it and is already going back Saturday to help with an upcoming play. It looks likes there will be quite a bit for her to help with this summer—what a great learning experience! There are two theaters involved: One which specializes in teaching young actors, and the other a true community theater. 
  • A new job lead to explore.
  • I even got in a little (not enough) time at the studio tonight.

Discovering community


reflect on this year and manifest what’s next

Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Local: I’ve discovered community in a small group of individuals dedicated to exposing and opting out of participating in cruelties and abuses to animals, and promoting compassion for both people and animals through everyday actions and advocacy. This includes my vegan friends through VegNet, and also my geese alliance friends. Tonight, I’ve returned from a Bend Park & Recreation District board meeting where we spoke up about our support for continuing humane, non-lethal methods of controlling resident Canada geese populations, in order to avoid the killing of more geese. (109 Canada Geese were killed last summer in Bend by Parks & Rec, in conjunction with the USDA.)

Worldwide: The vegan and animal rights community is welcoming, and growing rapidly. We network with groups from as close as Portland to those on the east coast. Podcasts and blogs from around the world keep me on top of regional and global issues and connected with the larger movement. I feel like I’m absolutely in the right place at the right time with a great group of people who are actively working to change the world for the better.

In 2011, I’d like to continue to bring compassionate people together to talk about and take action for issues that affect both humans and animals in our community. Whether through potlucks, the radio show, or other creative non-violent vegan education, I hope to more deeply connect with my local community as well as the global community. Because animals, like people, matter. And how we treat our animals—whether domesticated animals destined for food, wildlife living in our urban areas or wild lands or waters, or those we choose as companions—reflects on our community as a whole.