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Saturday: Blueberry lemon pancakes, work, butte, dark crystal, the animals


Today, I got to sleep way in, and then make blueberry lemon pancakes, but after, had to work a bunch. And more to come tomorrow to meet our Monday morning deadline.

I did get some exercise in, including a late evening hike up and jog down the butte. The twilight and city lights are so beautiful and peaceful up there. We hung out and watched The Dark Crystal tonight, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before (or maybe I just don’t remember watching it nearly 30 YEARS AGO!). The puppetry was pretty amazing for that time, even if it seems a little cheesy now. It sure is hard to find a movie all 5 of us can and/or want to watch.

It’s weird how much the animals have warmed up to the kids this year. I don’t know if it’s because the kids are older and calmer, because they’ve had a dog at home and in the house for a few years now, or what, but we’re all the better for it. Both dogs and some combo of cats are always hanging out, wandering in and out to see what we’re up to, and watching movies with us. It could be worse.