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Our vegan pizza day

Vegan Pizza Day 2012

Vegan Pizza Day 2012

We had some omnivore friends over for dinner, and it happened to be Vegan Pizza Day. I made two pizzas: one was brushed with herb oil (see below) and then had artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, capers, and white Daiya. The other had a red sauce, pineapple, tomatoes, capers, and white Daiya. The first one was my favorite.

{Both were better than the pizzas I threw together last night. Those had crusts that were way too thick and doughy for my taste.}

I experimented with two ways to make thin crispy crust this time:

For the first one, on the advice of Roberto Martin in Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, I bought a cheap pizza screen. (I thought a pizza screen was a pizza pan with holes in the bottom. I now realize that he probably meant the actual “screen” kind—mine might be more accurately called a “crisper”). I made sure to roll the dough out very thin, about the size of the pan, and then placed it in the pan.

For the second one, I also rolled the dough out super thin, this time slightly larger than my pizza paddle. I then pre-baked the dough on the baking stone for about 10 minutes. After that, I removed it, put the toppings on, and baked it the rest of the way fully dressed.

Both crusts came out pretty crispy. The pizza screen one might have been a little bit crispier, but it was also on the bottom rack. The one on the baking stone took longer to bake, but I think this was mostly due to the thick layer of toppings. So, as it turns out, I didn’t necessarily need to buy the pizza screen/crisper, but it was a little easier to deal with and would be pretty easy to use in the BBQ once the weather gets super hot here.

Herb OilThis was the first day that I’ve spent a little time flipping through Vegan Cooking for Carnivoreswhich I have out from the library. It’s where I got the recipe for herb oil. Fresh rosemary {Trader Joe’s}, basil {farmer’s market}, thyme {lemon thyme from our herb garden}, olive oil, garlic {fresh, from farmer’s market}, salt, and pepper in the Vitamix = yum! Isn’t is a pretty green? There is a ton left-over (another larger jar plus this one), and I’m sure I will be putting it in/on a lot of things over the next few weeks. In general, I’ve cut back on cooking with oils, but I will use the herb oil sparingly for that little extra something in a variety of dishes. I’m already thinking of pasta, sauteed kale…

All Things Vegan June 26 show notes now available: Ecco Bella, Just One Day, Las Vegas dining, and fast food taco rumors


Got the show notes up today for last Tuesday’s show:

Sally Malanga, Ecco Bella founder, talks about cruety-free beauty and her work with Friends of Animals

In today’s show, we talk with Sally Malanga, President and Founder of Ecco Bella Cosmetics. Sally shares the vegan epiphany that led to her founding Ecco Bella as a cruelty free beauty products company, and tells us what she feels it takes to create real beauty—inside and out.

We also bring you an update on the successful Just One Day campaign, a day in which animal shelters across the nation were asked to ease overcrowding by making every effort to find homes for adoptable animals—instead of killing them. Additionally, Judy brings you a roving dining review from Las Vegas. And, we expose the truth behind a long-running fast food taco rumor.

And, of course, we highlight the latest News from the Vegan Frontier, let you know about vegan related happenings in and around Central Oregon, and more!

Anti-procrastination Monday


Today, instead of anti-procrastination Wednesday (Flylady), I had an anti-procrastination Monday. Still didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted, but I did pretty good:

  • Got the twins all registered for this session’s extra curricular activities: Track, Rock Band, Choir, Spanish. {2 forms, 3 conversations in addition to discussing with the twins.} Scholarships plus volunteering will pay for these.
  • Posted some social media about Wednesday’s SharePoint user group meeting.
  • Called to get a request in for a VegNet booth for Earth Day.
  • Set up a radio interview, including prepping questions.
  • Talked to the station about underwriting, then talked to a natural products company that wants to sponsor our radio show. Connected the two.
  • Went to my first yoga class in several weeks. {Restorative, because I didn’t know how much I could handle after being sick and with the asthma issues I’m having: I did fine.}
  • Did more news research for the show.
  • Set up a time for a job interview later in the week (Woot!)
  • Purchased, downloaded, and installed tax software.