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Persnickety audio files and greyhound ghosts


It’s Saturday and I shouldn’t be so exhausted. But I spent hours last night and a giant chunk of my Saturday wrestling with a persnickety audio file and finishing up the rest of next week’s show. These things happen. The great thing about working on a radio show by yourself is that you get to make all the decisions. The bad thing about working on a radio show by yourself is that you have to make all of the decisions. Good thing that my co-host and I don’t go out of town too often.

I came home and totally tuned out by cooking some simple pasta and watching several hours of Hulu. Haven’t done that for a long time: I’ve hardly watched any TV this summer.

And tonight, I have nothing else left for the blog. I’m going to go read, and sleep, perhaps dreaming of greyhounds. Deimos has been visiting me lately.

Sunday recap: butte, goodbye twins, banana french toast, the show, upcoming blogging events


Sunday recap: Walked the butte for the last time this summer with the twins, made french toast with leftover and slightly undercooked “banana bread,” made sure the twins were packed and ready to go and said goodbye to them for the summer {boo!}, read a couple of sci-fi short stories, and worked on the show for 4 hours or so {laptop, back porch, with cats} during which the sky clouded over and grumbled quite a bit, but never lost its temper and started crashing things around.

(I also spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday at the station working on the show with my co-host, who is going out-of-town. I’m trying to get ahead because I need to finish the show up on my own and it’s due in a week—I think I’m in good shape, though, especially since I have time booked at the station tomorrow night.)

I’ve been thinking about what’s coming up this fall blogging-wise: Vegan MoFo (Word is, it will be October, but I don’t see an update on the website yet), NaNoWriMo, Reverb. Wondering if I’ll have time to do both NaNoWriMo and the radio show? NaNoWriMo (plus blogging every day, kick-started by NaBloPoMo) was really cathartic last year, especially since we lost Deimos that month, so I hope to do it again.

I’m going to attempt early bedtimes this week, since work is going to be just as bad this week as last, with early morning meetings, long days, and high expectations. So, good night.

Weekends are always welcome


Not a bad day. Weekends are always welcome. I’ve had to work on the show a lot this past week because my co-host is going out-of-town soon, and this meant getting up and down to the studio by 9a today {a little painful, considering I almost always catch up on my sleep on the weekend}. I spent about 4 hours there, but we had a productive session, and since I’m usually not even up at that time on a Saturday, it was easy to fit in.

Then it turned out that the twins spent the day at their cousins’ house, which meant a quiet rest of the day at home. I was able to read some more Fantasy & Science Fiction stories from the current issue and sit out in the sun with the cats. I actually let three of them roam around the back yard at the same time, and thankfully nobody tried to jump over the fence or fight too much. Later, I took a big fat lovely 2 hour nap, during which I dreamed about my greyhound Deimos coming back as a giant goofy dog who was jumping up to my second story bedroom window to peer in at me.

Eventually, the twins came home. I worked on editing an interview for about an hour and then we walked the butte in the near darkness. We’ll only be able to squeeze one more butte walk in before they go home for school. Then we’ll be back to the every other weekend thing and by the end of October it will start getting too cold and snowy to walk the butte. I’m going to really miss those hikes.

Peaceful Baboons, Hitler & Animal Rights… My blog’s top 20 most visited posts of all time


Since I’ve been blogging daily for about 8 months now (minus this day and that day), I thought it might be fun to share the top 20 most visited posts. Note, #20 is technically a Page, not a Post, but whatever. Here you go:

At the core



reflect on this year and manifest what’s next

Core Story. What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)

I’m a little self-reflected out. Good thing it’s the last day of reverb10. Happy New Year (thank the gods).

Reverb Recap: