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What’s Next?


Last night I not only finished Thursday Next: First among Sequels, but I got well into One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, the last of the series available (in the U.S., anyway). What’s next after Next? {I’m sure that’s not an original.} I also read the entire All About Emily “novelette” by Connie Willis. I liked it, but didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as Blackout and All Clear. But generally I prefer novels to short stories, so it’s not too surprising.

I spent half the day in bed again trying to get over this bug, but dragged myself up this afternoon and evening to pay a few bills, and to work on a job application which is due tomorrow. Funny that this job sounds the most interesting, and requires the most application effort (essay type questions, online examples, etc.), but pays the least of any of the three jobs I will shortly have apps into. But, you never know. I’m trying to, as they say, “keep my options open.”