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Spy buds?

Ear ball or spy bud

Ear ball or spy bud

I’m hard on ear buds. I tend to completely annihilate them within a few months, because I wrap them around my iPod and stuff them in various places. Because of this I tend to buy cheaper ones. Recently, I broke some not so cheap ear buds that I’d only had for a short time, so I resorted to buying dollar store ear buds to tide me over until I can afford better ones. Yes, the sound quality was only so-so, and the buds were too big for my ear holes, nevertheless I’ve used them for listening to podcasts for a month now.

Sadly, one of the ears disintegrated the other day. And look what I found inside. An eye. A crazy staring eye in my ear. Kind of creepy.

I’m still limping along with the other ear ball, or spy bud, or whatever.