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Another teen driver on the road, Mondays, and waiting {not so patiently}


My 16-year-old step-daughter got her license today! We now have 3 drivers and still only one car. Should get interesting.

I tried to make Monday a really productive day again, I really did. And I was cruising, for a while. But sometimes I just get so deflated by negative people. Makes me feel so on my own sometimes. And then I start thinking, why am I bothering to work so hard, what’s the point?

Also, I’m getting a little impatient with the graduate school: They are taking their sweet time in accepting me and letting me register for classes. I called this morning and was getting the run-around—financial aid said they were ready and waiting for admissions—admissions said I’m in (oh, you didn’t get an email saying we accepted you? Well, congratulations, you’re accepted), and that they’d have my advisor contact me to help me register for classes. I got the email copying the advisor and then heard nothing else the entire day. Sigh. Classes started last Tuesday, so I’m more than a little eager to get going.


Way too soon


After taking my step-son to a long eye appointment this morning, I had a super long day of anti-procrastination. Bookkeeping, plus phone calls, plus getting my workshop bio and description submitted—and I barely put a dent in my “to-do” list.

But I must stop, as I have a 9 a.m. call coming up way too soon.

Too much screen time


Way too much screen time today, especially for a beautiful Saturday. A shame.

But we got Tuesday’s show completely done and uploaded, and I pretty much finished the show notes as well, excepting those few things that can’t be updated ahead of time. What really sucks is that the show was done by 11:15 this morning, but  I had to go back to the studio tonight to re-record two short segments, because I mispronounced somebody’s name and only this afternoon thought to ask. You’d think in over a year-and-a-half that I would have learned to find these things out ahead of time!

Anyway, after finishing the show (I thought) and picking up a couple of vegan donuts for the hubs and I, and finishing the show notes, I did finally get to some of my SharePoint training prep. Much more of that to do tomorrow, though. Hubs spent the day photographing his friends longboarding, which, frankly, sounds much more inviting than my day.

I was so exhausted, I fell asleep in the tub. Thank the gods that I put down my library book—it wouldn’t be the first one that I drowned.

I want to stay up and look for meteors. Really. I went out around 11:30 tonight, but didn’t see any. Too much suburban light, probably. But I have somebody coming to the house at noon tomorrow. And I really need the sleep.

Sweet Ruby is healing up nicely. She got her tubes out the other day, has been off pain pills for a few days, is done with her antibiotics, and is able to be unsupervised without her track muzzle (they wanted us to be sure to keep her from messing with the stitches). And she’s in much better spirits: Wagging her tail, following us up and down the stairs, having a good appetite. When those stitches come out, she’s going to be feeling great.

Hike up, {don’t forget to breathe}, {mind the moment}, descend. Repeat.


Packed day 1 of a packed week! Of course, nothing ever goes as planned: Our one-hour interview at the station this morning turned into 2 hours of troubleshooting and then an hour of interview later in the day. Which threw off my schedule, but I was able to make it work and still have plenty of prep time for my meeting this afternoon.

And it was a nice evening once I finally got home. I steamed some pot stickers and Romano beans while hubby and kids finished up watching 5th Element. Later, I hiked Pilot Butte in the semi-darkness with my step-son. We were encircled by a smoky-orange-smudged sunset. On the way down, I walked through a spider’s web with my face, and tried not to stumble on rocks. Beautiful.

Mellower than Saturday


Thankfully, Sunday was mellower than Saturday. I slept wayyy in, cleaned the master bedroom, read some of Zoe Weil’s Above All, Be Kind and put together an intro and some questions for Zoe, who we’re interviewing tomorrow morning. I also reviewed some songs that we might feature on All Things Vegan.

Other than that, we had an impressive thunderstorm. Exactly what Ruby didn’t need today. We thought maybe her pain meds would dull her normal anxiety about thunderstorms—we even gave her a little extra (within the OK range from the vet)—and she still freaked out and spent much of the evening squashed under the desk in the closet. Poor little nut.

Later this evening, we turned on the Mars Curiosity coverage and have left it on. If it lands around when they think, I may still be up. But I have to get up at the crack of dawn for the ATV interview, so if there are issues, I may not.

In spite of this, the day flew by: I’m not sure where the last 11 hours have gone!

Short night ahead with an injured hound


Well, it’s going to be a short night. A few hours ago our greyhound Ruby was accidentally caught in the door to our latticed-in back porch {the used-to-be screen door has plastic lattice attached to it instead of screen}. As she was coming in, I came out the sliding glass door and Pip darted out, because she loves to be on the porch and find ways to escape into the back yard. My step-son saw Pip coming out and slammed the latticed door shut to keep her on the porch—but Ruby was half-way through it.

Ruby screamed and jumped back into the yard, stumbling. I thought she was just scared, because she’s the most skittish, sensitive soul I know, but I felt along her body for any injuries, just in case. I picked up all her feet, felt them, bent her legs, ran my hands along her torso. She seemed fine. It took 5 minutes or so to convince her to come back through the porch and into the house. She then went to lay down in her downstairs bed.

Later, I called her upstairs and she jumped on the bed. There were several of us hanging out in the room and going in and out, and I even sat down to read while waiting to check on dinner. Somewhere in there I went to give Ruby some love, and discovered a huge gash in the underside of her right thigh, right in the crease. It had hardly bled at all, but looked deep and was gaping open. Thankfully, my husband was able to locate supplies to clean the wound as I wrestled a very unhappy greyhound. We grabbed her loose plastic muzzle, which was nearby—I’d been using it lately to aid me in trimming her nails since she’s become increasingly cranky about that over the years {she’s 12}. Finally, we got her cleaned, wrapped, and stabilized and after a while we helped her lay down. Eventually, she calmed down enough to get a little sleep. But she’s obviously very uncomfortable. She’s going to have to wear the track muzzle all night, because we can’t risk her waking up and messing with the bandages.

Poor sweet thing. I’m not looking forward to getting up at 8a to call the vet to see if they can squeeze her in—she’s probably going to need a bunch of stitches. And I’m not sure how we’re going to get her downstairs.

Greyhounds have such thin skin! Our other greyhound, Deimos, injured himself on multiple occasions resulting in large open wounds. They always looked terrible but eventually healed up just fine with good care on our end, without stitches. This one might be tricky though, because of the location. I sure hope our favorite vet friend is in tomorrow.



I’ve tackled this week head-on: an entire week of anti-procrastination. So far, so good, but I’m getting a little tired because when I’m on—I’m on. I have a hard time relaxing, doing one thing at a time without 20 other to-dos’s running through my head. Good thing tomorrow is Friday.

Great yoga class today. I’ve really slacked on the yoga this summer and have not gone regularly. But today I made it to a 9:15 and one of my favorite instructors was the sub! So that was great, although it was a lot of work since I’m pretty out of shape. But hey, I did a headstand against the wall, which was fun.

Lots of things to think about this week. I’m considering a Humane Education masters program for the fall, so I’m doing fact finding there. I’m working on purchasing some software and setting aside some regular time to ramp up my WordPress skills and consulting, and I’m also putting together some SharePoint training materials. Meetings have been scheduled. Hoping good things will come.

The kids came back from their mom’s yesterday. I was glad to have the 5 days to get myself organized and motivated again. I love them and am glad they’re back, but they take so much mental energy and time away from concentration, even when I’ve asked them not to bug me. Either they interrupt me anyway, or they walk on exaggerated eggshells, which is just as annoying. I’m learning ways to juggle it and to identify when I just need to take my laptop and work elsewhere for a few hours. Really wish I had a home office with a door, though.