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I ♥ roasted fennel


So I finally roasted the fennel. I love it! It’s like roasted garlic’s city slicker cousin. I simply quartered it, tossed it with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roasted for about an hour, turning it somewhere in there. I also cut up some stalks and coated them as well. They were really tasty—especially the ones that didn’t get burned to a crisp. I saved the freshest fennel head to use for something else—or maybe more roasted fennel next week…

We got even more beets today in the CSA, making 15 total that were hogging up a crisper drawer along with the fennel, so I decided it was time. We’re out of tinfoil, so I was wondering what I was going to do—would they turn out OK just putting them on a pan?—but I found this site which suggested the dutch oven. That worked out great! So all of the beets went in the dutch oven, and the fennel went on a pan.

Now, what can I do with 15 roasted beets? Could I chop them up and freeze them? I can imagine getting sick of them very quickly.

On my mind tonight: Fennel and Beets

Fennel and Beets from CSA share

Fennel and Beets. Thanks to my local CSA, I have a ton of both from the last few weeks. They’re pretty much hogging up an entire produce drawer. So, I’m thinking about roasting most of it, and using up the beet greens for stir fry or something. A certain person who I share my house with informed me recently (after 8 years together) that he absolutely loathes beets; cannot even stand to look at them or smell them. So, whatever I make, I will have to eat by myself (unless I save the beets for when the kids are here next). I once quick-canned some beets and they sat in the fridge a very long time—I could never bring myself to eat many of them. Beets are OK, twice a year or so, but they’re not something I get overly excited about, if you know what I mean. 

Fennel, on the other hand, I do enjoy. I’m looking forward to roasting a bulb, just to see what it will taste like. Roasting deepens the flavor of so many things. And some might go in a loaf of bread. Also, after making carrot top pesto (thanks to a suggestion from a vendor at the farmer’s market) , I’m always eyeing greens for pesto ideas. I think fennel top pesto sounds really good and I plan to try that as well. I may have to come up with my own recipe, as I’m not finding much online. Here is one recipe that I might veganize. Two large bunches of parsley were in the CSA share too, so maybe I’ll do a combo batch.

If you have great fennel or beet recipes, let me know!