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Trying to save the Canada Geese in Bend. Again.


I spoke during the 3-minute public comment section at the Park Board meeting tonight, along with sending an email to the board earlier today. It’s the second year in a row that the board has been waffle-y about whether or not they plan to kill Canada Geese, or at what number of geese the decision will be made. Two years ago they killed 109 geese with very little opportunity for public comment.  The problem is good poop in the parks, and a perceived overpopulation of resident geese. Since then, due to lots of pressure and help from Goose Watch Alliance, they have initiated strong programs of egg oiling and dog hazing, which have been very successful in keeping the number of resident geese in check.

A week ago they said they had “no intention” of “euthanizing” geese this year. But one soon-to-retire board member has since made comments that they are still keeping it “on the table” as a last resort, and this same board member changed the target number of geese a few times.

As usual, when we showed up in person, the board seemed very friendly and open to suggestions, at the same time implying that rumors had gotten out of hand, and that, again, they have no intention of killing any geese this year. That they had to get the “depredation” permit months in advance, and that they need that permit to relocate the juvenile geese to a Southern Oregon reserve (which they still plan to do).

They all smile and nod and act like the information we give them is new to them (even though most of it was the same info that we gave them last year.) Sigh. It gets old. But hopefully due to public pressure the geese will be spared another year.

Earth Day goodness

Earth Day 2011

Earth Day Parade: Paper Mache!

Today, we had a great Earth Day celebration at our local environmental center. The twins and I started the day out walking in the procession of the species parade. We got to carry/pull these fantastic paper mache animals that students at a local school had created. People all along the parade loved them and commented on them. Maybe next year we’ll make our own! I was also decked out in Canada Goose paraphernalia, thanks to my friend at Goose Watch Alliance, and wore my “Bacon Had a Mom” t-shirt, which always gets fun reactions.

Earth Day 2011: Canada Goose

Earth Day Parade: Canada Goose

After the parade, we immediately set up our small VegNet table and spent several hours chatting with people and giving away samples, coupons, and literature. We were in the demonstration garden area, a little off the main drag, and near the live music, so it was a pleasant, mellow day. It was one of our first warm spring days and the only negative is that I fried the heck out of my face!

Topping off a good day: making good vegan food as a family. Italian meatball pasta goulash, fresh asparagus, and triple vanilla shortcake with strawberries. Mmmm.