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Inspired and tired


Long user group / training day. I spent all afternoon at my SharePoint User Group {where I had a Black Butte Porter, since it was held at Deschutes Brewery, and a ton of kalamata olives and bread, since those were the only vegan items}, then I popped into WordPress and Beer for a ½ hour {where I didn’t have a beer, but I did have a lavender/chocolate/blueberry tea that I love from a local coffee shop}, followed by a special training at the station on a mac audio editing and recording software. 7 hours later, I return; inspired and tired; peopled out.


The new normal


So this is to be the new normal. No longer 1 + 1, doing our own thing. But 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, each separate; our own thoughts, desires, behaviors, activities—but also somehow one organism. A flock, a school, a pack, a colony, a band, a herd. A family.

{Or perhaps a shrewdness, a clowder, a pride, a richness, a prickle, a murder, an unkindness, an exaltation, or a plague… What Do You Call a Group of…..?}