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CSA Basket #5: July 4, 2012

CSA Box #5, 2012

CSA Box #5, 2012

  • Arugula bunch
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • German Butterball Potatoes
  • Red Russian kale
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Tayberries
  • Zucchini and squash

{with Starry Night puzzle in progress}

A good July 4th: We stocked up on food before the stores closed. We BBQ’d corn in the husks. We made veggie shish kebabs and ate Tofu Pups and Field Roast on buns {well, everybody else ate Tofu Pups, which I can’t stand, and a couple of us ate Field Roast, which everybody loves. No offense against Tofu Pups—I hate all soy based hot dogs brand equally}. We drank root beer {we very rarely have soda at the house} and ate non dairy ice cream. We tended to Ruby, our miserable greyhound who *hates!  thunderstorms and fireworks. We watched the local fireworks from our front yard, which were underwhelming this year, to say the least. And I managed to read most of You Lost Me There.

shish kebab Look up shish kebab at Dictionary.com1914, from Armenian shish kabab, from Turk. siskebap, from sis “skewer” + kebap “roast meat.”

{So I guess veggie shish kebab means vegetables plus meat on a stick, which doesn’t make much sense, but whatever.}

Ramping up for the week: An afternoon of cooking and baking


I spent most of the afternoon and evening cooking again. {This involved using and cleaning the Vitamix 3 to 4 times, but was totally worth it.} Probably I was procrastinating finishing those taxes, but I also had news research to do and just didn’t feel like spending time in front of the computer. Plus, I really wanted to get a bunch of stuff made so that we could start the week off with prepared food. I think this is everything:

  • My typical weekend Breakfast Scramble
  • Hummus
  • Seitan {Basic Seitan recipe from The Sexy Vegan Cookbook. What’s different about this recipe is the addition of russet potatoes. I never have very much luck with seitan. This one turned out a little better than usual—not terribly puffy and the taste is pretty good. I think it will make good sandwiches.}
  • Egg-less Egg Salad
  • Two loaves of bread
  • Double-Apple Muffins {I made this name up. The Basic Vegan Muffins with Fruity Variations recipe is from Vegan Holiday Kitchen. We were out of yogurt and applesauce, so I made some quick applesauce in the Vitamix with two red Pink Lady apples and 1 green Granny Smith, skins on. I added just a bit of water. It was fantastic just like that—somehow tasted like it had sweetener and cinnamon in it. So I used the homemade applesauce in the recipe, and ate the leftovers. Then I diced up a couple more red apples to mix into the batter at the end (the recipe called for peeling, but why lose those nutrients and fiber?—I left them on). I also added the few raisins we had left and some cinnamon. I baked them in the mini muffin tin. They are tasty, but not too sweet, and will make good snacks this week. Although I should have tripled the batch, because with 5 people they won’t go far.}
  • Tahini Garlic Dressing {this was yesterday, but I forgot to mention it}

We ate the split-pea soup for dinner. It was a little thinner than I’d planned on, even though I used 3 cups of split-peas, but still tasty. Tomorrow, when some of the water evaporates, it’s going to be just right.