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Mellow Saturdays = good

Little Shop of Horrors

Sometimes I just need a day to get out of the house and wander downtown for a few hours. All 3 kids wanted to come along, so after making pancakes and having a slow morning, we got in the car and drove down there. We’ve been having this beautiful warm fall, and even though it was a little bit chillier today, it was very tolerable with a light jacket.

First, we tried to find this elusive all-vegetarian food cart which never seems to be set up. Several people have actually eaten there, and we talked to the owners on the phone last week so we could make an announcement about the cart on the show, but they sure are keeping inconsistent hours so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to track them down, as I suggested a bunch of us meet for lunch there next Friday.

Next, we headed on down to the park to check out the Occupy Bend protesters. Most of them had already left the first park and were marching to the second, across from which some are setting up camp. Too bad we didn’t get there earlier, because I would have liked the kids to experience a good example of a peaceful protest. It sounds like there were about 100 people there. So we talked to some stragglers briefly, then headed across the bridge to a play area which the kids used to love go to when they were little. They were a bit old for it now, but the twins wanted to go.

After, we visited some of our favorite shops, also stopping by a local coffee shop to sample a vegan doughnut. It was OK: kind of greasy, but fun to try.

This evening, my oldest step-daughter made a giant stir-fry and later, popcorn, and we all (hubby, kids, animals) hung out watching Little Shop of Horrors, which the kids had never seen. And it’s probably been a good 20 years since I last saw it. They did such a good job on the animation/animatronics/puppetering—whatever it was—for Audrey 2.

I hadn’t been able to spend much time with the kids the last two weekends they were here, and this was the first weekend in a long time that I didn’t have travel, an event, or a radio show to finish up, so it was a good day. Other than I would have liked to get more reading in. And a bit of yard work. And worked on show notes for last week’s show. And…