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Distracting, and a couple of interesting books


So nice when things go right for once! {And this family can certainly use good news.} Distracting and productivity sucking, but nice. As a result, it was one of those days when I was up at 7:30 a.m. but got pretty much nothing done that I had planned on.

While we’re processing and plotting and scheming, here are a couple of interesting books I’m reading for school:



Whew!  Juggling a lot of stuff this week.

I got some things clarified with financial aid yesterday and also was able to login to both of my grad courses for the first time. This all online program is kind of using old-school technology—Blackboard, for the most part—which is pretty common in university systems. Having spent the last 6 years working with much more flexible and responsive collaboration software {SharePoint}, I’m finding it a little cumbersome. But it will do—it has a basic discussion forum and they are going to add in some Google hangouts periodically. I’ve been starting to read books that are available at the library (it will be a while before I get any financial aid money back), and watching the required videos for the many “film fests.” I’m enjoying it so far.

This afternoon, I also worked on our show notes for last Tuesday’s show, but still didn’t have time to finish them. Hopefully tomorrow. Late afternoon, we went to a school get-together for the twins, a sort of meet and greet and ramping up for when school starts next week. {Already?!} Then I got dropped at the station and my partner in crime and I worked on an application for a sustainability award through our local environmental center. Due date = tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be getting it in, if at the last minute. {In our defense, we only found out about it last week.}

There are also a bunch of consulting/training things which are falling through the cracks, and desperately need attention next week.

So tired, but the weekend is nearly here. 

Anxious (adj.), getting organized for grad school


Anxiety producing day on a variety of levels.

anxious (adj.) Look up anxious at Dictionary.com1620s, from L. anxius “solicitous, uneasy, troubled in mind” (also “causing anxiety, troublesome”), from angere, anguere “choke, squeeze,” figuratively “torment, cause distress” (see anger(v.)). The same image is in Serbo-Croatian tjeskoba “anxiety,” lit. “tightness, narrowness.” Related: Anxiously; anxiousness.

But I did make a tiny bit of progress with the Humane Education grad program: I actually received a copy of the acceptance letter. And I’ve supposedly been registered for two courses. The instructors have sent me some materials and assignments. But I still have no student login. And no signed loan, thus no way to buy books. Although my local library has a surprising amount of the books for the Environmental Ethics course. Intro to Humane Ed, not so much.

After going to a new user group to check it out (Bend Web Marketing, SEO presentation), I spent the evening organizing the info I have so far for my coursework—getting a new Google calendar set up with just schoolwork deadlines, making an Amazon list of books that I need, reserving a bunch of books at the library. Setting up a few Evernote notebooks. I’m going to have to be extra organized to pull this off.

I think I’ll end up getting Kindle books for most of the required reading, unless electronic format is not available. In many cases, the Kindle book is slightly cheaper, but not always. I’m a little torn, because it’s sometimes nice to have a hard copy for portability, reading in the bath, lending, or just to have a tangible collection (like my aging collection of animal behavior, cognition, and nature books). But I think it will be worth it to have searchable books that I can read on multiple devices. What do you think?

Relatively unscathed


I can’t believe I made it through the week, and relatively unscathed! I’m exhausted though, and can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.

The workshop got good feedback. It feels good when small things go right for a change, and it’s because you’ve worked hard to make it happen instead of being dependent on somebody else. 

The grad school app got submitted on time, the references are in, and the FAFSA has been submitted. Not bad for only learning about the program a few weeks ago. School technically starts on Tuesday, but it will be the end of the week or later before I know for sure if I’m in and my loan is approved.

Meanwhile, it’s still 85 degrees in here at nearly midnight, which is a bit much.

Here are some early morning photos from our sleep outside during the meteor shower:

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

All Things Vegan show notes: Zoe Weil, of The Institute for Humane Education, on doing the Most Good and Least Harm


I forgot to mention that we had a new episode air on Tuesday:

Zoe Weil, of The Institute for Humane Education, on doing the Most Good and Least Harm to yourself, other people, other species, and the environment

Zoe Weil has an amazing list of accomplishments: She’s an author, an educator, a speaker, and has a one woman show, called “My Ongoing Problems with Kindness: Confessions of MOGO Girl”. Her greatest accomplishment is co-founding the Institute For Humane Education.

Some of the topics we have to share with you in this episode are:  The firestorm that ensued when a USDA newsletter endorsed Meatless Monday and why the short-lived endorsement was retracted, which celebrities have been speaking up for animals, and we have a new song to share with you—Groovy Vegan Song by Vegan Smythe.

Plus much more news from the Vegan Frontier, Barb’s Out ‘n About in Eugene, and vegan related events around town.