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Fforde’s Stupidity Surplus


Britons! Your country needs YOU to do dumg thingsAfter dropping the kids off at school, I took the day off to rest up.

After I couldn’t sleep any longer, I picked up Thursday Next: First among Sequels and finally finished it. I love the seemingly randomly placed artwork—and especially this poster at the back. Because the idea of the government choosing to use up the “stupidity surplus” by undertaking increasingly expensive and ludicrously useless projects is beautiful satirical farce. And a fun twist on this wartime propaganda poster.

Drama on the way. There goes the peaceful weekend.


Another long day at my southern Central Oregon client (the 45 minute drive each way just makes it seem long). And not quite caught up with sleep from Monday night. But tomorrow’s a home office day, so that’s good.

Thought I was going to have a mellow weekend before we pick up the kids on Sunday, but that’s changed a bit and one of them is coming tonight. Got a bit of chill time in with a glass of wine, the Biggest Loser finale on Hulu, and my animal pals. Also finished this book that I just picked up at the library yesterday: A Stolen Life, by Jaycee Dugard. Wow. Incredible what she endured and that she’s able to be so open about it. My heart just breaks for her; I hope she can find some peace. Also half-way through Shades of Grey: Love this bizarre world ruled by the Colortocracy.