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Now on Netflix: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I’d been wanting to watch the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and was going to borrow it from a friend. Until I discovered last night that it was available on Netflix. I watched it with the kids today on a lazy Saturday afternoon before being sucked into going out into the pre-4th crowds to go grocery shopping.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is well done, has a nice pace, and just enough animated segments to break it up and keep it interesting. In short, it’s about an Australian guy who is very overweight and has an autoimmune skin condition that causes him to frequently break out in severe rashes. He’s fed up with all the different doctors and advice he’s been given, so he decides to come to America, go on a 60-day juice fast, and talk to people across America as he does it. Not only do we get to see his healthy transformation throughout the 60 days and beyond, but the film follows another guy, a morbidly obese American truck driver, who meets the Australian and decides he too needs to make a change. I love transformation stories (which is why I’m a fan of The Biggest Loser), and this is a good one.

I’d love to see a followup on both of these guys and to learn more about what they are eating in between juice fasts. Also, how healthy is this for somebody that is not overweight and doesn’t have all those fat stores to tide them over? I wonder if the DVD has any special features on it? The website doesn’t seem to have any followup features on it, nor does jointhereboot.com.

I’ve never previously considered a juice fast (I can get VERY cranky when hungry), but after watching this documentary, a 10-day juice fast with fresh organic fruits and vegetables seems like a doable thing, although I’d probably have to get a nice juicer, which isn’t happening any time soon. But it does make me want to commit to making daily green smoothies and juices in the Vitamix. It seems like it would be better to use something like the Vitamix anyway, then you don’t lose the fiber. But what do I know. Not a “juicing” expert here.

Have you tried juice fasting?