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The show: Animal Balance, and Thunderstorms!


We finished up another All Things Vegan show tonight. Includes a great interview with Animal Balance. Show notes will be available within a few days.

We’re having beautiful weather here—90 degree days with deep clear blue skies; dramatic thunderheads in the afternoon; thunderstorms in the evenings. Apparently, I missed an impressive thunderstorm tonight while at the station. Bummer. I love a good storm.

All Things Vegan June 26 show notes now available: Ecco Bella, Just One Day, Las Vegas dining, and fast food taco rumors


Got the show notes up today for last Tuesday’s show:

Sally Malanga, Ecco Bella founder, talks about cruety-free beauty and her work with Friends of Animals

In today’s show, we talk with Sally Malanga, President and Founder of Ecco Bella Cosmetics. Sally shares the vegan epiphany that led to her founding Ecco Bella as a cruelty free beauty products company, and tells us what she feels it takes to create real beauty—inside and out.

We also bring you an update on the successful Just One Day campaign, a day in which animal shelters across the nation were asked to ease overcrowding by making every effort to find homes for adoptable animals—instead of killing them. Additionally, Judy brings you a roving dining review from Las Vegas. And, we expose the truth behind a long-running fast food taco rumor.

And, of course, we highlight the latest News from the Vegan Frontier, let you know about vegan related happenings in and around Central Oregon, and more!

Vegan is Love, Anti-bad mood sprays, and Wildlife Services: show notes for May 8th All Things Vegan Radio


Show notes and archive are up for the May 8th All Things Vegan show. Here’s what you’ll find:

In today’s show, we talk with author and artist Ruby Roth, about the controversy surrounding the publication of her children’s book, “Vegan is Love.” Later in the show, find out how to combat your bad moods with vegan aromatherapy sprays from The Antidote for Ego founder Heidi Rettig. Then join us as we analyze the latest News from the Vegan Frontier, including checking in on the damage that the government’s inappropriately named “Wildlife Services” is continuing to inflict on our nation’s wildlife, companion animals, and the environment.

Hey, whaddya know? We got tomorrow’s show done!


Hey, whaddya know? We got tomorrow’s show done! Around midnight. {It’s been worse.} We feature interviews with a couple of locals—a husband and wife team—they teach ballroom dance together, are raising vegan kids, and he’s an ex-hunter. Show notes should be up in a few days. If you can’t wait, click here to listen on demand from KPOV {beginning March 14).

Of course I was so wound up that it’s now nearly 2 a.m. and I’m still up. It always takes me a couple of hours to mellow out and go to bed after I’ve been out. Does that happen to you?

The news for the show is slow slow slow


I spent a good chunk of Saturday and pretty much all of today researching, recording, and editing news for Tuesday’s All Things Vegan show. We had some equipment problems at the studio which slowed us down a bit, but damn, there has to be a way to make the process more efficient. Maybe we should switch to live shows?!

In spite of my whining, the show will get done—it always does.

First butte hike of the spring, radio interviews, & ramping up for super week


Today was gorgeous—the snow had mostly melted, the sun was out, and it was quite warm. Instead of doing yoga, we decided to hike Pilot Butte for the first time since last fall. The north side had quite a bit of snow on the trail, which made it a bit slippery in tennis shoes, but we made it.

This evening I spent a few hours editing an interview and then a few more hours at the studio with Judy. We’re excited to bump the show up to twice monthly pretty soon (right now, we’re once a month).

I’m mentally preparing for a super busy week, including getting an outline and quote ready for a client, putting together various important applications and paperwork, attending a meeting and doing some interviews with a group trying to ban trapping in Central Oregon, hosting a vegan lunch get-together, running the SharePoint User Group, attending the WordPress User Group, and attending a school event of the twins. Plus I’m going to fit some yoga in, and hopefully some software training for myself. Phew! I’m tired already.

Out-of-sorts day


Today was an out-of-sorts day. Weird dream about not being able to get a hold of my mom, because her number wasn’t in my phone {I rarely dream about her, pretty transparent symbolic dream}, my first ever mammogram {Ow! And it makes me feel old, and probably why I had the dream}, and stayed up wayyyyy too late finishing tomorrow’s show.

I’m sure something else must have happened today, but don’t ask me what.