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We just finished our {correction} 12th show and 1st year of All Things Vegan!


{OK, I got a little ahead of myself—it is our 12th show, and our one year anniversary show will be Dec 13th. But hey, we’ve still been doing this for a year, so I’m celebrating anyway.}

Our 13th 12th All Things Vegan show is just completed and will air tomorrow. We’ve made it a year. 

~ Woot! ~

(Show notes and the archive will be up in a couple of days.)

Finally, Oct 11 All Things Vegan show posted: Juliette West and Chris DeRose


Finally got the show edited and the show notes together for our October 11 episode. Woot!

Animal Activism: Young Juliette West exposes elephant abuses in Thailand; After nearly 30 years, Chris DeRose still inspires a movement

Sunday recap: butte, goodbye twins, banana french toast, the show, upcoming blogging events


Sunday recap: Walked the butte for the last time this summer with the twins, made french toast with leftover and slightly undercooked “banana bread,” made sure the twins were packed and ready to go and said goodbye to them for the summer {boo!}, read a couple of sci-fi short stories, and worked on the show for 4 hours or so {laptop, back porch, with cats} during which the sky clouded over and grumbled quite a bit, but never lost its temper and started crashing things around.

(I also spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday at the station working on the show with my co-host, who is going out-of-town. I’m trying to get ahead because I need to finish the show up on my own and it’s due in a week—I think I’m in good shape, though, especially since I have time booked at the station tomorrow night.)

I’ve been thinking about what’s coming up this fall blogging-wise: Vegan MoFo (Word is, it will be October, but I don’t see an update on the website yet), NaNoWriMo, Reverb. Wondering if I’ll have time to do both NaNoWriMo and the radio show? NaNoWriMo (plus blogging every day, kick-started by NaBloPoMo) was really cathartic last year, especially since we lost Deimos that month, so I hope to do it again.

I’m going to attempt early bedtimes this week, since work is going to be just as bad this week as last, with early morning meetings, long days, and high expectations. So, good night.

Finally: Vida Vegan Con


It’s finally here: Tomorrow morning we leave for Vida Vegan Con! I took the day off so that I could chill out a little before we left—somehow I ended up running around all day doing last-minute errands—and just finished packing. And I thought I had done so much ahead of time. Sigh.

I did get a last walk up Pilot Butte in with the kids. It was smokey, which was a bit hard on the lungs (we had a ginormous crazy wrath-of-the-gods thunderstorm yesterday, which sparked a lot of fires). But smoke = an even more spectacular sunset than the last time I was up there, so it was so worth it.

This morning we had a great, fun interview with The Sexy Vegan. A couple of interviews in the queue now to be edited, and another interview happening soon, which is good. Not to mention all the people we’ll talk to this weekend at the conference, as we roam about with our mobile recorder. I’m sure we’ll come back with months worth of goodies for the show.

Mr. Kale

Judy, Rip, Barb

Here we are with Mr. Kale

Great evening with Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet. He came to Whole Foods to speak to the 28-day challenge crew plus the public. We interviewed him about a month ago by phone, and it was so nice to meet him in person. We got to chat, we got photos, he signed a book for the step-kids—it was great!

Now I have to get myself to bed so that I can pretend to be alive for that 7 a.m. conference call.

Suspended animation


I feel like I’m in a state of suspended animation waiting for Vida Vegan Con. It’s about all I can think of—guess I don’t get out of town enough. I want to pack, but it seems excessively early, since I’m not leaving until Friday morning. {That would be a bit silly to let my clothes sit there and wrinkle, right?} I’m broke, so I can’t really go out and buy a new outfit or anything, and this isn’t one of those pack a cooler for the road situations, since we’ll be tripping over vegan food at the conference and all over Portland. So, in addition to work, trying to get a few other things out of the way early in the week—radio show organizing, errands, etc. Maybe I’ll hold off packing until… tomorrow.

Today, some seemingly random updates


Today, some seemingly random updates:

This morning I learned that The West Memphis Three have been released from prison, on some quirky plea deal. I haven’t followed this case much over the last ten years, but at one time my forensic company (and forensic ex) was actively involved in the defense and a related documentary (involvement in that film is an interesting story for another day). So glad they’re finally out, but this is certainly not “justice,” as they were in prison for 18 years, one of them on death row, for crimes there is no evidence of them committing.

Earlier today, my co-host and I had a very nice phone chat with Harold Brown of FarmKind.org; We hope to air the interview for next month’s show. We’re about ready to throw the phone patch at the station out the window, however {ongoing saga}. Looks like we’re going to have to figure something else out for phone interviews. Zoom? Skype? A little of both? We’re working on it.

And we’ll get plenty of practice with the Zoom at Vida Vegan Con, which is coming up next week! In fact, the fun begins Friday, as we join up on the way to Portland with some of the attendees at a tour of Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve heard great things about Bob’s and his company, and I wanted to visit the last few times I was in Portland, so this is the perfect opportunity. At any given time, I have several Bob’s products in my pantry, especially with all the bread making this summer. On the menu at the store: vegan flapjacks and french toast! Plus, Spar for the Spurtle: The Ultimate Oatmeal Throwdown is Friday as well.