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Lost Dogs & The Truth Behind Trapping


I had a good time tonight interviewing filmmaker Vanessa Schulz, who joined us in the studio with her sweet dog, Fumarola. Vanessa rescued Fumarola from the streets of Chile. Check out Vanessa’s film, Lost Dogs, and her other films, including Cull of the Wild: The Truth behind Trapping at 21st Paradigm.

See allthingsveganradio.org and http://www.facebook.com/AllThingsVegan for show notes and updates. Our interview with Vanessa will most likely air on our April 14 show.

What’s your latest rhyming event? Does the universe know your name?


I was listening to a Radio Lab “short” podcast today, The Universe Knows My Name, exploring fate, coincidence, and life scripts. Or what Paul Aster calls, “rhyming events.” There were several stories of things that happened over the course of people’s lives that were difficult to explain as pure coincidence. I won’ t spoil the stories, but rather, I’ll let you listen to the podcast.

Immediately after listening to it, I decided to find another podcast to listen to while I did the dishes.

I was thinking that after the dishes, I needed to do a little research on Vanessa Schulz, a local (Bend) documentary filmmaker that we’re interviewing tomorrow for All Things Vegan. But in the meantime, I wanted something to keep me occupied during the dishes. I picked one of my favorite podcasts, one I hadn’t listened to for a few weeks, Animal Voices, out of Toronto, Canada. I chose the latest episode that was downloaded to my iPod. As I was choosing it, I noticed that it was an interview with a documentary filmmaker—the same filmmaker we are interviewing tomorrow. I listen to a lot of podcasts and have over 50 shows with multiple episodes downloaded to my iPod. I hadn’t looked at the Animal Voices episode list since the new episode had downloaded. And yet, that is the one I picked. My own little rhyming event.

Now, the vegan and animal rights community is really not all that big. It is not terribly surprising that a  radio show like Animal Voices chose to interview Vanessa, as she is actively fundraising for her film projects, and our show subject matters are likely to overlap quite a bit. And Vanessa just happens to be based in Bend. But the timing of finding the podcast was synchronous. Or was it? Maybe I had glanced at the title of the podcast previously when paging through for something to listen to on another day and I had filed away the name subconsciously. So when I needed the info tonight, my brain led me right to the closest source of info. Possibly.

I find that when I’m paying attention, weird little coincidences happen frequently.

(By the way, if you listen to the Animal Voices episode, at the end they play a little clip from a Nova Science Now program called Bird Brains. They refer to it as recent, but this show from 2008 is the only one I could find. The clip, which slowed what sounded like ordinary bird tweets down to a beautiful song, was fascinating and I’m going to put the episode on my list of videos to watch. Of course I have to wait until the next billing period kicks in, because we’re over our Bend Broadband cap, again.)