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High-speed evacuation


There are days when your plans go all to hell, and the thing that has to be done today (that you thought would take an hour), takes most of the day. So those other three really important and time sensitive things do not get done.

And you think another thing can’t possibly go wrong, but it does. And you think you can’t possibly get more stressed than yesterday. But you do. It happens. Another layer silently drifts over, and settles in.

And all you wish for is a “Martin-Bacon Mk VII Eject-O-Hat, for high-speed evacuation from in this case, life, not a book.

Some of my favorite made-up words from “Lost in a Good Book”

Goliath Book Rating from "Lost in a Good Book"

Following are just a few of my favorite made-up words from Lost in a Good Book. As the Goliath Book Rating at the front states, “Made-up words: 44.” I have no idea if there are actually 44 made-up words, but if you count character names, it seems plausible. If I had taken notes while reading this and The Eyre Affair, I would have a lot more of these:

  • tensionologist
  • bloophole
  • fworp
  • jackanoried
  • sprogging time
  • Jurisfiction